Do Republicans even know What Socialism means?

Building on the President’s Health Care Agenda

The President’s vision is the right one, […] Congress should enact specific policy changes that are consisĀ­tent with that vision and that would fulfill its promises. However, Congress should be bolder than the White House and broaden the scope of change well beyond the President’s specific policy recommendations by:

Expanding the proposed tax provisions to cover all health plans, not just HSA-qualified plans;

— Encouraging health insurance portability through individual ownership, a defined-contribution system, and establishment of a consumer-based “health exchange” marketplace; and

— Transforming the health care market into a more consumer-based system in which individuals are empowered to take direct control of their health care decisions.…

Nina Owcharenko, 05/11/06

That is the advice from the Conservative Think-Tank — the Heritage Foundation!

AND the President they are talking about — is George W. Bush!

SO … a Health Exchange Marketplace = Marxist Socialism ???

Oh Really!?

Here are a few “Dialog Experiements” you can try, the next time you hear your Local Looney complaining about our “Slide into Socialism” — just remind them that the core ideas, of Health Care Reform —

— ARE Market-based reforms, designed to increase Competition,

— ARE Consumer-oriented, designed to empower Patients,

and they ARE Republican ideas, initially proposed by the Heritage Foundation, to promote the Bush Administration!

Where was their “Anti-Marketplace” Rage, back then?

Since when, has increasing Competitive Choices, become a Communist Plot?

There are some bigger “core issues” at play in your typical conservative mind set. These can often be arrived at by asking your conservative acquaintances and relatives, a few simple Questions:

Do you think Health Care is a Right or a Privilege?

— What are People suppose to DO, if they are NOT Lucky enough to have Health Care Insurance?

— What if folks have been Looking for Work, and they still don’t have Job, and don’t have Insurance?

— What if they have a Job, but their Employer keeps trimming back on the Benefits, or is replacing full-timers, with No-Benefits part-timers?

What ARE the People who are ‘Down on their Luck’ suppose to DO, in your Conservative Utopia? (if you got everything you wanted?)

What would you have them do, in your Perfect, Competitive, Corporations-first, World?

Don’t get sick?

and IF they DO do get sick … well, What Then?

AND when they give you their Ultimate response:

That’s NOT My Problem!

You will have both arrived at the bigger “core issue” at the root of most Conservative Rhetoric —

It’s NOT Their Problem!    ( SO it’s a matter of Privilege, or Luck, then? )

Well it damn well should be their problem — IF they are indeed, “Compassionate Conservatives“, as they once claimed ???      ( Or was that facade all just talk TOO? )

Oh course, if those Local Looney’s would rather just withdraw to their gated compound communities, like their Exalted Leader Rush Limbaugh — Well you can give them a dose of their own Medicine —

“See ya, have a nice flight Loons — cuz you know,

That’s really NOT My Problem!”

Perhaps Rush will let you borrow his Health Care Plan — The ‘Pay as you Go’ Plan?

Good Luck in Rushville, navel-gazing Looney’s!


    • jamess on March 23, 2010 at 14:17

    A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives, but has no respect for himself. He would make a dupe of himself too, if he could.

    — William Hazlitt

  1. No they don’t because the “Bill” is Health Insurance Reform, a far less effective route to actually improve the Health Care system in this country.

    I agree with your take on the GOP and socialism but the Dems are equally guilty of bamboozlement.

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