And the Democratic Establishment can kiss my DFH a$$ too

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   You don’t get more Establishment than an Ex-President.

Bill Clinton Throws His Support To Blanche Lincoln

In a boost to embattled Dem Senator Blanche Lincoln – and a bit of a blow to primary challenger Bill Halter – fellow Arkansan Bill Clinton is throwing his support to the incumbent Senator, his spokesman confirms to me.

Halter’s entry into the race had kicked off a round of speculation about who Clinton would endorse, given that he hails from the state and remains very popular with Dem primary voters. If Clinton had remained neutral it would have been a big boost to Halter.

Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna tells me, however, that the former President is supporting Lincoln.

“Senator Lincoln asked President Clinton several months ago to support her reelection,” McKenna says. “He said he would, and he does.”


    Yes, the Democratic Establishment can kiss my DFH ass.

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      Instead of working to support the current President against the Corporatist lies from the right what does Bill Clinton do? He throws his support behind one of President Obama’s chief roadblocks within his own party. Of course.

     Witness this latest bit of establishment idiocy, courtesy of the DSCC.

Rodney Glassman Supported by Arizonans, Not DC Establishment

Despite Washington Democratic leaders desire for an establishment insider, Arizona Democratic activists and leaders are lining up behind potential U.S. Senate candidate Rodney Glassman.

“Recent comments by the DSCC only highlight the fact that, should I decide to run, I will not be an establishment candidate,” says Glassman in response to comments published today in the National Journal that Glassman may may not have sufficient Washington credentials. “Arizonans believe it’s time to send an Arizonan to Washington instead of letting Washingtonian insiders continue to represent us.”

Hat tip to Kossack Stranded Wind
who posted this as an update yesterday in his Rec Listed diary Arizona’s Next Democratic Senator

Impeachment is off the table

Single Payer is off the table

The Public Option is on off on off the table

War Crimes? We are going to “Look Forward”

Bank regulation? Pah!

The Stupak/Pitts C Street anti abortion for every one who isn’t rich Amendment? Still in.

And is Bart Stupak getting support from the Democratic Establishment for re-election? Yeah.

So is Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson and every other Dem incumbent no matter how corrupt, Corporatist or incompetent.

And thus, in following in the spirit of my diary from yesterday titled Screw respecting these CLOWNS! Talk to them like they’re frigging 4 yrs old regarding Republicans, I would like to extend this olive branch to the Democratic Establishment in the true D.C. spirit of bipartisanship as I say . . . .

The Democratic Establishment can kiss my Dirty Fucking Hippie Ass

     Should the DSCC support a guaranteed loser like Senator Blanche Lincoln (Wallmart-AR) with hard earned money or a popular upstart like Rodney Glassman out in Arizona who has the support necessary to win in a Red state?

     If you have an ounce of knowledge outside the beltway, if you have the slightest clue of how America works outside the corrupt Senate chamber you could answer that question correctly, but then you would not be qualified to work for the DSCC (Democrats who Support Conservative Corporatists)

This is an accurate example of the Democratic Establishment in my honest opinion . . . .

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    In my opinion, the Democratic Establishment embodied by the DLC, the DSCC and the DCCC among other groups is just as much an enemy of progress and change we can believe in as anyone else. These are the people who brought you NAFTA, these are the people who allowed the post Great Depression regulations of Wall St to be torn down, and these are the people who rolled over and played dead while President Cheney ran hog wild over the constitution. These are the people who keep trying to sell us lemons like Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson.

     And yet there is one thing, one activity that the Democratic Establishment can agree on with the Conservative Establishment every time. You can bet on it.

     And that is . . . .


Because the hippies, the progressives, the liberals and left-leaning independents see right through the Establishments bipartisanship fetish and centrism and see it for what it is, a way of saying that Democrats should be more like Conservatives.

This is where you get your Blue Dogs and ConservaDems. From the belief that what America really wants is for Dems and reality adverse conservatives to just get along. As if politics is not a full contact sport and it would be really, really swell if Dems just kiss the fucking ring and be good vassals to our corporate masters.

You know, those loyal Blue Dogs and ConservaDems that try to sink Democratic legislation that can HELP people.

who are they loyal to? Money. Big Business. The wealthy and their “special interests”

Funny how you rarely ever hear Dem incumbents complain about special interests, isn’t it?

and yet when they aren’t busy punching hippies, ignoring Progressives and enjoying the dinner party circuit in D.C. the Democratic Establishment is working hard to re-elect . . . wait for it . . . .

Blanche freaking Lincoln and Bart C Street Stupak

    So, on behalf of DFHers everywhere, I say to the Democratic Establishment.


     I ordered the Change Delux with a side of HOPE, not the bipartisan shit sandwich and sausage soup special. Now take it back to the kitchen and fucking fix it quick, or you shouldn’t act surprised when I don’t refer my friends to your restaurant next November.

Special Note:    I begin my new, groovy progressive job tomorrow. Wish me luck. I look forward to throwing political wedgies at Republicans and useless establishment Dems alike. I will be writing more about it tomorrow. I hope to catch you then.

Peace and DFH Love,

JesseLaGreca @ Twitter

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  1. without us, this party looks a lot weaker, doesn’t it?

    If you want to Take On The System I suggest you YELL LOUDER!

    It works!

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  2. Futhermore demonstrating his committment to the “public option” (which of course he doesn’t want the Senate to even bring up now during reconcilliation).

    Reconcilliation is only a process for passing the Corporate bailout agenda.


  3. If these Dems were against the bill because they didn’t think it was good enough, or anywhere near good enough, that I could understand.  

    Truth be known, I think many of them are “establishment” plus so many of them have money, lots of it. It’s a “clique” group of SOBs!

    Criticism has been growing and growing over the funds for Haiti, how used, if received, etc., (As you know, Bill Clinton was named to head up relief efforts in Haiti, for the U.S., along with that other pillar of morality, G. W. Bush.  ).  Some of you will recall the grand concert given not long ago to benefit Haiti.  Donations were being made to several charitable entities.  Oxfam, America, USAID, etc. — wasn’t USAID the one Clinton Bush Haiti Fund represented on the Clooney HOPE telethon?  Vague on that!

    At any rate, nothing, but nothing is ever as it seems! Hard to believe the following is from a WaPo article!

    Billions for Haiti, a criticism for every dollar


    The Associated Press

    Friday, March 5, 2010; 7:16 PM

    . . . . A half-million homeless received tarps and tents; far more are still waiting under soggy bed sheets in camps that reek of human waste. More than 4.3 million people got emergency food rations; few will be able to feed themselves anytime soon. Medical aid went to thousands, but long-term care isn’t even on the horizon.

    . . . .USAID paid at least $160 million of its total Haiti-related expenditures to the Defense Department, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, two local U.S. search and rescue teams and, in at least two instances, itself.

    . . . . One cent of every dollar has gone to the Haitian government. . . . .


  4. anyone is desperate for something to credit Obama with, he did help millions of rank-&-file Dems finally get hip to that ugly fact. Thanks Barack, for bringing us a Change We Can Be Leavin’ On.

  5. In late 1994, Bill Clinton pushed for and led the passage of what history may well determine was unsurpassed in this nation’s self-destructive march from its previous status as a mostly democratic republic to becoming whatever it is now destined to become.  

    Given the true nature of Clinton’s actions, his support of Blanche Lincoln is not surprising. In fact, someone inclined to believe in conspiracy theories might wonder if the constant attacks upon Clinton by the Republican party (such as Monica Lewinsky) were, rather, an orchestrated means of providing cover for Clinton’s Republican-friendly actions. In this context, many Democrats diverted their energies to defend Clinton, directing their attention away from his incredibly destructive acts.  

    The endorsement of this horrible, destructive legislation was truly a bipartisan effort, with close to two-thirds or more of the members of both parties voting in its favor. The House vote was slightly under a two-thirds majority, but the Senate produced a greater than three-fourths majority.  

    Here is the link to the final vote in the House of Representatives on November 29, 1994, following closely on the heels of the successful Republican campaign to take control of Congress for the next twelve years.  

    Here is the link to the roll call vote in the Senate on December 1, 1994, which secured its passage. Only seven of the twenty-four senators voting against that measure are still in office.

    We may recall that the lame duck Democrats still had majorities in both houses when the deed was done.  

    There were a number of articles written around that time and since which provided some fascinating predictions.  The identities of those whose predictions were accurate, versus those whose weren’t will definitely be surprising in some cases.  There were a few politicians who are probably not our favorite people who, even though they have been horribly mistaken the large majority of the time, had it right this time.

    Obviously, in committing this egregious atrocity, Clinton did not act alone, but rather had numerous accomplices. And we cannot forget H. Ross Perot’s predictions during the 1992 presidential election with regard to NAFTA, i.e., the reference to the “giant sucking sound.”

    This writer is not necessarily endorsing the following articles, but they are each quite fascinating in terms of providing additional historical perspective. You can read these for yourself here, here, here, and here.  

    This writer would argue that these catastrophic trade deals were brazenly designed to benefit the multinationals without regard for the consequences to everyone else on the face of the planet.  

    Can this trend be reversed?  And if not, what kind of future awaits us?  And if the most likely outcome of inaction were to be translated into a movie, would anyone dare to watch it?

    You want a friend in Washington?  Get a dog.  — Harry S. Truman

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