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Yoo’s E-Mails

Keeping the pressure on the DoJ as well as John Yoo. CREW continues to get to all that is there or possibly destroyed as our Government joined those we Condemn in Torture and Human Rights violations. Not only leaving our Military Troops wide open to the same leaving us with no ability to condemn nor brings charges on the World Court venue, but opening up same for our own citizens anywhere with same results!

It also greatly weaken our National Security as it was one more of the many Failed Policies, of the previous decade, that has created greater hatreds, not just as to our government done clandestine but also the citizens of our country as we all share the guilt of those policies and leave that wide open with no accountability for crimes committed by those who approved and ordered!

Ex-Presidents Message To Obama: Get Some Balls!

Well here is a “bipartisan” message, from our former Presidents, that everyone can agree upon…

Michael Moore: A 2nd crash IS coming and Glenn Beck can F$%k Off

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I give you the irreplaceable Michael Moore, courtesy of Cenk Uygur at

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