Ex-Presidents Message To Obama: Get Some Balls!

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Well here is a “bipartisan” message, from our former Presidents, that everyone can agree upon…


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  1. when you can not only recognize one of the paintings on the wall in this skit but also have a snapshot of the panting just laying around.

    It is Pierre Auguste Cot’s “The Storm” from 1880.

    I might as well post the sister painting too. Same artist and called ‘Spring’ this one hangs right next to ‘The Storm’

    In the Metropolitan Museum  

  2. But I do not see Obama’s lack of “balls” as being at the root of the problem. On the contrary, I think he’s demonstrated that his balls are so big they scrape along the floor as he walks.  And THAT’s the problem.  In my opinion at least. 🙂

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