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Veterans Courts are Only Part of What’s Needed

This isn’t rocket science, if the country had paid attention as we were returning from Vietnam and recognizing what that did to many of our brothers, thousands then, as we tried for decades to push the issues into the public conscious we’d be much more advanced in the understanding of what war and extreme trauma does to the human mind, especially from wars of choice. And it wasn’t only as to our brothers! There also would have been a better understanding as to the civilian populations of these conflicts as well as those anywhere who live through the extreme trauma’s, of many descriptions, that affect individuals in their own lives

Kids Pushing Tin

So what. A pilot hears a child’s voice say the words “clear for takeoff” and the thought delivery system calls for the responsible party’s crucifiction.

In an increasingly dim world Glenn Duffy spreads a moment of levity by letting a child speak the words, but hey, we can’t have that now in this “post 911 world”.

How does all mainstream media advance the 14 characteristics of fascism via “news” info-mertials.  Take note of how often PUNISHMENT is the main focus of any “news” story.  

Docudharma Times Thursday March 4

Thursday’s Headlines:

China’s investments in U.S. up sharply

Art imitates life, life sues art: bomb expert blasts The Hurt Locker for stealing story


Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets

Republican fundraising document portrays Democrats as evil


Irish public pays a price for nation’s fiscal austerity

First GM potato to be grown commercially in Europe

Middle East

Hopes rise for resumption of Middle East peace negotiations

Iran casts its shadow over Iraq vote


China all at sea over Japan island row

Handsome Chinese vagrant draws fans of ‘homeless chic’


Bob Geldof rages at BBC over claim Live Aid millions were used to buy arms

India firm Bharti Airtel goes big into African cellphone market

Latin America

Chilean military begins aid deliveries

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning


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Late Night Karaoke

Open Thread

Random Tech Updates For Everyday Users Of It

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In the hopes that someone here has kids or grand-kids, those rugrats either know about what i’m going to let you in on or it hasn’t hit their school/campus yet to the point they can’t socially exist without it.

Twitter will be a thing of the past soon as a new twitter-esque social network/microblogging service has emerged to a more mainstream prominence lately.

It’s called Tumblr

It’s been around for a couple of years but 2009 is when it started coming into it’s own.  Check it out and play around with it.

I made mine and it’s in the blogroll as “American Pirate”.  It’s a more personal touch if you actually give a shit about what shennanigans i’m getting into next.  I say that only because today is a day of “student activities” in NYC being run by SDS (tee hee!) so stay tuned….

But, mark my words, 2010 is gonna be a big year for Tumblr.  

Think Iran’s Twitter Revolt was impressive?  Imagine if they had unlimited characters to text, ability to post photos and video on the fly, and even “geotag” where it was happening for those keeping an eye on developments…..or, I dunno, Human Rights groups needing evidence to collect about abuses….ahhh technology 🙂

The Simple Arithmetic of Obama’s Idiotic “Stimulus”

Unemployment in Detroit approaches 50%

Although 83% of Democrats (meaning “TV-intoxicated monkeys”) still approve of Obama’s “job performance,” which isn’t much different from approving of the “job performance” of a hockey puck that Republicans have been slapping around for 13 months…

Although millions of TV-intoxicated monkeys still approve of Obama’s “performance” as President, which isn’t much different from approving of Donald Duck’s “performance” as King Lear…

While the economy continues to shed jobs, the war in Afghanistan gets bigger, Obama’s generals talk about “delaying” withdrawal from Iraq, and hundreds of thousands of workers give up even looking for work every month…

Democratic monkey-economists are constantly paraded around the networks to explain how Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” succeeded, because without Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” everything would be even worse…

And the Democratic monkey-economists know that everything would be even worse without Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” because none of them can predict or explain fuck-all, and the economic melt-down hit us like a run-away bus without so much as one millisecond of warning from Democratic monkey-economists or the Democratic monkey-politicians who rolled and rolled and rolled over for Bush for eight long years.

But instead of believing all those ridiculous monkeys and their catastrophically discredited theories, maybe we should ask ourselves how many jobs the same amount of money as Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” could have created if Obama had simply hired workers for public works.

If we spread out the “stimulus” of $780 billion over five years, and hired workers at $30,000 per annum, which would give a working mom and dad, for example, a respectable middle-class income of $60,000, then 1,000,000 jobs cost $30 billion per year, and $150 billion over five years, so…

The same amount of money as Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” could have created and maintained more than 5,000,000 jobs for five years.

5,000,000 jobs for five years!

But instead the monkey-Democrats and President “Hockey-Puck” Obama…

Instead the monkey-Democrats and President “Donald Duck” Obama gave us…

An idiotic “stimulus” stuffed with tax cuts, and 4,000,000 jobs disappeared since January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States.

The World Cup Is Coming!

Yesterday, Brazil, who have to be the favorite to win the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, played an international friendly match against Ireland.  Ireland has a very good team.  You might recall that Ireland was robbed of a chance to play in South Africa because Thierry Henry of France put the ball in the goal after touching it his hand (twice) while a referee slept nearby.

Yesterday Brazil beat Ireland 2-0.  And, of course, you can see the two goals in the following video.  The first goal is an own goal: the ball went into the net off the body of the Irish defender (who shall remain nameless).  The second goal is an example of the magic of Brazilian futbol: Goal by Robinho, wonderful assist by Grafite, who led the German Bundesliga in scoring last year.  Yeah, Brazilian football stars ofter are like Cher, having only one name.  Watch the Brazilian video.  Turn the audio up.  Feel the energy of this game.

Why’d I put this up at docuDharma?  This is the world game.  And the World Cup is the pinnacle of the world game.  The US will play in it, but really, the US isn’t a futbol power.  Far, far from it.  Teams that are powers are Brazil, Argentina who beat Germany today, Spain and England.  And Mexico. Teams that might be powers but today are not doing so great include Germany, Ivory Coast, Italy, Egypt, and Nigeria.

Sometimes I think that if more people in the US understood futbol, maybe they’d understand our neighbors in the world a little better.  What interests them.  What games they play.  How they feel about strategy, art, athletics, aesthetics, competition.  Understanding can only make us all closer.  And being closer in this might even make us less likely to fight with each other.  So I offer this essay as a simple, first step toward cultivating your checking out this sport.

If you like this simple essay, I’ll do a few more futbol essays before the World Cup begins in June.  Just to get you ready and in sync with the rest of the planet.  And I won’t cross-post them.

The loss of credibility in American Politics

The election of 1994 was a referendum against Democratic rule.  The House saw a 54 swing in votes from Democratic to Republican.  The Senate saw an 8 seat swing from Democratic to Republican.  It was an election where Republican politician’s promised, through the “contract with America”, that members of Congress would be held to the same standard as the rest of the country.  America responded to that promise.  

By 2006, America came to the realization that Republican’s had broken that promise.  The lies from the Bush administration, about the secret energy task force, the Iraq war, spying on American’s, and torture, had finally taken its toll on the GOP with voters.  In the 2006 election, the power of Congress again changed hands because a political party had lost its credibility with the public.

The 2008 was a continuance of the 2006 election for the fact that the Democrats in Congress seemed unable to govern with the slim majority they had gained two years earlier.  The excuses were that they didn’t have the votes, they didn’t hold the Presidency, and without those things, they simply could not govern against the GOP.  Voters responded by giving the Democratic Party the majorities necessary in Congress and the White House.

Now, it is the Democratic Party that is again facing a loss of credibility with the voters, and, it started with President Obama’s decisions and actions that, once elected, were contrary to what was promised on the campaign trail.


Look.  I know human beings are special.  I know that they think rather than feel.  I just got done with an exchange on Docudharma that was especially frustrating.

But there is feeling, and then there is what’s obvious.  It’s time to start choosing sides, folks.

And I say this for any number of reasons, but it’s in the air.  Can’t you smell it?

I don’t know the far flung future.  But I know what’s coming.  Not Exactly.  I can smell it.  Can’t you smell it?  If you can’t, what’s wrong with you?

I am a logician .. I am an atheist, but I can still SMELL.  I don’t need God or the Universe or the Dali Lama to tell me that humans are not only irrational but bent on their own doom.

Are you a hater?  Then your place is with THEM.  Otherwise, your place is with US.

Feel.  Open your mind, open your heart, feel the world around you.  It is the Afternoon of the World, the World is saying The Hour Is Late.

The Hour Is Late.  The sides are chosen.  These are interesting times.  Apotheosis is coming.  The Dark Man is here, or at least the Hour of His Coming is Approaching.

There was a storm.  A storm that shattered all our windows, in Denver Colorado.  A storm where the hailstones where as big around as my head, uncaring of gravity, shattering down, destroying, blowing shit up.  We hid under the desk, and were exhilarated.

The world of BOOM

And, yes, I’m hungry.  I’m waiting.  Can’t you smell it?  Again, what’s wrong with you?  I’m not supposed to be able to smell this in advance of you folks?  You religious folks?

Where are your senses?  Your vaunted senses?  Is the claim not that you can discern the face of God, while we cannot?

NYT falsifies IAEA findings on Iran

The war-mongering NY Times continues its 57-year long smear campaign against Iran. NYT reports the patently misleading headline, Inspectors say Iran worked on warhead, which might be true, if you were referring to 2003, but the Times’ weasel reporters, David Sanger and William Broad, like Judith Miller and Michael Gordon before them, continue twisting and tormenting the actual facts in order to stove-pipe false intelligence to the American people, because apparently, American needs another monstrous war crime on its bloody hands:

“The United Nations’ nuclear inspectors declared for the first time on Thursday that they had extensive evidence of ‘past or current undisclosed activities’ by Iran’s military to develop a nuclear warhead, an unusually strongly worded conclusion that seems certain to accelerate Iran’s confrontation with the United States and other Western countries.”

Overnight Caption Contest

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