Winter Olympics- Day I, Afternoon

No, Opening Ceremonies don’t count even if they have some ski jumping prelims.

Coverage today starts on NBC at 2 pm and on CNBC at 3.

In the main NBC afternoon block from 2 to 6 pm Shani Davis (who thinks Stephen Colbert is a jerk and Chad Hedrick compete in Speed Skating (men’s 5000m).  Plus, Ski Jumping (K-90 individual) and Biathlon (women’s sprint).

Medals will be awarded in all those sports, but medal ceremonies are just as boring as the Opening and Closing unless you’re playing some kind of national anthem trivia game.

K-90 means they will be using the 90 meter hill.

On CNBC we have Women’s Ice Hockey from 3 to 5:30 pm.  The featured match is between Sweden and Switzerland.

We can also see some of the broad outlines of the main NBC late night coverage emerging.

Each night they’ll have a post-primetime show from midnight to 1 am with original coverage, and then a repeat of their primetime broadcast from 1 am to 4:30 am.

You could be watching Adult Swim and if you’ve already watched the Olympic prime time it will probably be more entertaining.  A never before seen episode of Full Metal Alchemist tonight, followed by a Bleach marathon.  Of course the new episode is up against original Olympic coverage, but it looks like they’ll re-run it at 4 am after FLCL, Cowboy Bebop (never much got into that), and Ghost In the Shell.

I’ll be back with a post outlining tonight’s prime time coverage a little before 8 pm if I can manage it.  Depending on how compelling the Olympic action is Weekend News Digest may have to wait for the 6 – 8 pm break to assemble.  TheMomCat has a This Week in Health and Fitness ready for publication at 4 pm anyway so WND would not go up before 5 pm in any event.

Feel free to talk about what you see and happy blogging.


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  1. that it’s too slushy for downhill, and of course they’re modifying the luge course after the Georgian guy got killed yesterday.

  2. for tonight’s freestyle mogul skiing.

  3. Whistler ski jumping is on.

  4. Very young, just back from an injury.

  5. No official U.S. Ski Jumping Team.

    Everyone is self financing.

    Evidently the Speed Skating Team is not the only one in need of a sponsor.

    This means something, I’m not sure what; but it can’t be good.

  6. and perhaps I should have explained that 90 meters refers to how far you are expected to jump, not how high the jump is.

    It can be any height, the most important part is the contour of the hill anyway.

  7. What the fuck with all the little pine trees?

    Well, just like with the constant water splashing at a diving event they’re there for a visual reference so the athelete doesn’t get disoriented.

    It is possible to jump too far and if you land flat you can injure yourself rather badly.

  8. I just don’t get mogul skiing.

    Like Figure Skating, it’s all subjective “style” points.

    Golf is more a sport because at least you keep score and Golf isn’t a “sport” at all.

    It’s a good walk spoiled.

  9. Socialized Medicine!

    The American people will never stand for it!

    I thought the ATT Ad was interesting also- space boarding.

    Too bad we no longer have a manned spaceflight program.

    Fuck you Defict Hawks!

  10. Especially toilet paper guy.

    I suppose it will turn out to be some kind of tawdry ‘Beat The Clock’ knock off.

  11. Opening Ceremony looks even more dreadful than I imagined.

    It makes driving to Bradley seem like fun.

  12. ‘How to train your Dragon’ looks cute.

    Dreamworks, March 26.

  13. So they have Women’s Hockey, but no Women’s Ski Jumping?


  14. Just so you don’t spend a lot of time rooting for the wrong team like I always do in Basketball.

  15. Get to dust off my Blue Lines in Hockey knowledge!

    A pass can’t cross both Blue Lines- that’s icing.

    A player can’t cross the second Blue line before the puck crosses the first one- that’s offsides.

  16. That’s when a Player has to sit down so the other team has an advantage in players.

    They didn’t convert it.  Still no score.

  17. the belly flop is a sadly under appreciated move in Hockey.

  18. More dangerous than Ski Jumping for sure.

    No body checking in the Women’s game.


    Also, International Hockey uses a round rather than a square goalie crease and the rink is bigger.

  19. So I’m not missing anything on NBC except a boring Wayne Gretzgy interview with Al Michaels.


  20. in 2 groups of 4.  Top 2 teams from each group advance.

  21. Or just off the Power Play.

  22. 2nd Round of Jumping now on NBC.

    Only 30 Jumpers now.  20 didn’t make the cut.

  23. Jumpers are already starting to reach the critical part of the hill.

    Everyone is throwing over 100 meters.

    What they will do is start them lower on the jump, just as they moved down the luge start point tyo reduce the speed.

  24. You see, stick checking is OK.

  25. Missed a near goal.

    This is why I need other eyes folks.

  26. 1 – 0 Sweden.

    Oh, 3 periods a game.

    Swiss failed to convert 3 Power Plays.

  27. so the ski jumping blue line is computer generated.

  28. Jumping is definitely one of the little country sports.

    Polish guy leads with 2 Jumpers left.

  29. 1 Jumper left.

    It would be a big upset.

  30. Longest jump today.

  31. 11 minutes to go in the second period.

  32. Also had my question answered about how long the periods are-

    20 minutes.

    I thought that like college basketball they might be shorter than standard.

  33. It’s good for the US.

    And Republicans.

    Puff piece on Dutch Speed Skating.

  34. arrive tomorrow.

  35. Body Checking.

  36. Missed a Swedish goal.

    2 nothing.

  37. 2 1/2 remaning.

  38. on NBC.

  39. Interview FAIL!

  40. Stephen Colbert notwithstanding, Speed Skating is just as exciting as watching grass grow and paint dry.

  41. They are seeded so the later pairs are the better ones.

  42. Pair after next is Shani Davis.

    Feel free to boo Colbert Nation.

  43. Sweden scored right out of the box.

    3 – 0.

  44. People complaining about slow ice.

    Well, I know how that is, I’ve swum in slow pools.

    You can tell.

    Shani Davis in the next pair, starting now (after commercials).

  45. who doesn’t care if they never see another Bruce Willis movie ever?

    Cybill Shepard was right about him.

  46. to kick Davis’ butt.

    And there are 3 better pairs to come.

    And they’re off.

    Davis starts on the outside.

  47. It’s like watching BMW/Oracle disappear.

    Davis 5 seconds behind.

  48. But he looked tired.

    The next race is twice as long.

  49. Sweden looks strong.

    Switzerland not so much, and they are a very young team.

  50. …. my husband just looked at the TV screen with the fog bank laying over the ski slope and said “Gawd.”

  51. …. in Vancouver.

    No shit.

    Isn’t the owner of the WC a climate change denier ?

    • Xanthe on February 13, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    girls and boys?  I’m far removed from my Norwegian roots – My grandmother was from Oslo – but I always get a lump in my throat when the Norwegians walk in.

  52. Also last US guy and defending Olympic Champion.

    Dutch guy looking good so far.

  53. Dutch guy 5 seconds ahead.

  54. So are the discount customers.



    The Korean is quite an upset actually.

  55. Caribou Barbie will pop in and pick up Biathalon coverage.

    I’ve been pretty busy.

  56. Colbert bump baby.

  57. so Biathalon is like a drinking game.

    If you miss you take a lap.

  58. They’re going to try and run moguls.

    If you’ve ever skied them in low visibility you know this is a recipe for crashes and injuries.

    I suspect no good will come of this.

  59. Biathalon sure got respect.

    Why bother showing it assholes?

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