Tree Woods Elephant Rooms

The contrast in WBZ mainstream tv and my daily news survey cycle is interesting.  I think of if a tree falls in the woods yet nobody hears the sound does the tree fall?  Or why people fail to see the elephants in the room.

What did I find on the internet while searching the CT circuit and what was playing on the cognitively dissonant TeeVee.  Mainstream propaganda delivery system channel WBZ.  Yeah I am multi-tasking, kind of like driving while texting.

On WBZ the talk was about.

Und you vill be a better smoke Nazi by saying Seig Heil to the policy of smoking verboten ist in public housing.

OK, so now what did the tin foil hatters bring up as news.  Well I didn’t know from mainstream that a Senators office was broken into and 4 CIA agents were arrested for doing it.  That does seem like something too incredulous to accept now does it not?…

I don’t know.  Can we assign credibility to Veterans Today?  If Watergate happened today would we know?  How about Iran-Contra?  Is it just me or is it natural today, rather a new contemporary phenomena to assign everything and everybody into the galactic goat fuck category.…

55.1 billion for Homeboy Insecurity rectal inspection service, hmm, same lettering as IRS, RIS, an anagram.  And no smoking, you are messing up the actuarial tables corporate depends on.


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