“Theater of War” {UpDated w/Program Video}

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This was on the PBS News Hour 02.03.10, they do give a couple of links and extended interviews with the participants I’ll also post below.

Using Drama to Understand and Heal the Wounds of War

A dramatic performance project called ‘Theater of War’  uses ancient Greek tragedies for a very special goal: To link ancient and modern warriors in an understanding of war’s pain and mental agony.

Wednesday on the NewsHour, Jeffrey Brown talks to the artists, mental health professionals and soldiers who have been involved and who see the healing potential of theater for soldiers and veterans returning from combat.

The Program Video


Here’s a clip from ‘Theater of War’

An extended interview with Bryan Doerries, writer, director and creator of “Theater of War”:


An extended interview with Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton, a psychiatrist who heads a mental health program for the Department of Defense:


An extended interview with Tamara Tunie and Bill Camp, actors who perform in “Theater of War”:


An extended interview with Sgt. John Eubanks & Sgt. Major Ronald Green:


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