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Every Tuesday morning, I drive my daughter all the way to school, instead of just to the bus stop, for Band Sectionals at the ungodly hour of 6:30a.m. So I have a good sit in the car. On the return trip, I am all alone and get to choose the station! I listen to my local hippie station which has, in that weekly time slot, a Pacifica show called “People of the Earth”. Very cool. They talk about various native and indigenous peoples and related issues. Like this one:

With numerous errands to do yesterday and today, I’ve been driving and listening more than usual. Its their pledge drive now. “CALL! and let us know you’re there.” I really want to contribute to this station, maybe I make it another birthday present to myself (this could go on all month, if I had $).


So. What stations do you like and listen to? Links welcome!

And now I gotta run back out again. Back. Crunched for time today, but will try to add more about some of this stuff if I can. This is just tip of the iceberg of stories they broadcast about on that Tuesday show.

An uncontacted tribe of about 60 people has been confirmed by FUNAI (Brazil’s Indigenous Affairs Department) in the Indigenous Territory of Arariboia, located in the eastern Amazonian state, Maranhao.  FUNAI believes that the uncontacted natives belong to the Awá tribe, one of Brazil’s last remaining nomadic hunter-gathering tribes. Although apart of a protected reserve, the Awa are threatened by intrusion on their lands.


In Rondonia, Brazil, Surui use ACT-provided laptops to monitor their reserve

using Google Earth technology. Photo © Fernando Bizerra Jr.

Very worthwhile radio.

I gotta run back out so I’ll listen some more now, and think about joining. For all my blab about my contempt for MSM, I really feel like I need to put some money where my mouth is. Oh, wait…. that should be here too. 🙂

Top 10 Reasons to give:


     10. Your support of KPFT tells us you’re listening to Pacifica Radio because, quite simply, you value what you’re hearing.


     9. To do your part to make sure thoughtful, entertaining, non-commercial programming continues to have a place on your listener supported radio station.


     8. Because of the challenges of rising program production costs, technology and uncertain federal funding; we depend on individual contributions more than any other source of funding. Member support now totals almost 90 percent of our annual funding.


     7. Your contribution does make a difference – generous individuals like you give us the financial and moral sustenance we need to carry on.


     6. The great benefits of KPFT membership, including:


           A Member Card, good for discounts at local stores, restaurants, museums and cultural events.


           Invitations to special station events.


           You can benefit directly from the intelligent, entertaining programs you’ll help bring to our community and into your own living room.


     5. Public radio is leading the way in digital technology for the radio industry. As we move into the age of Digital Broadcasting, we want to maintain and expand our offerings. For this, we depend on your support.


     4. Democracy Now!, Local News, Progressive Public Affairs Programs, Alternative Lifestyle Issues, Artists Live in the Studio, Local and World Music.


     3. Your financial support makes it possible for us to sustain and expand our ongoing schedule of broadcasting favorites. Listeners are what make public radio possible. Great entertainment and public affairs programming, non-commercial programming — these are community resources that you can help make possible.


     2. The “public” in public radio means that community support is our lifeline. Your financial support is essential so we can remain a haven of smart, thought-provoking radio.


     1. The good feeling knowing, as you listen to your favorite programs on KPFT, that you’ve helped to keep them there.


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    • Eddie C on February 18, 2010 at 20:04

    The Brian Lehrer Show. It is my second favorite radio show behind Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

    I also make a point to hear Selected Shorts every weekend and Leonard Lopate every weekday.  

    For music I go to The Q but I must be getting old because lately i’ve been tuning into New Sounds.  

  2. KEXP University of Seattle (Streaming http://www.kexp.org) Awesome Sunday morning talk and news shows.  Great college station.

    WBGO Jazz from Newark NJ. Possibly one of the best if not the best jazz station in the US.

    WWFM Mercer County Community College NJ.  The best classical station I’ve ever found.

    I dont tune in my car because I dont have one of those.  

  3. heres some good music to clean house by!

    • Heather on February 19, 2010 at 00:22

    Well, not on yours.

    And I don’t get far out of the center of town before it’s not on mine either.

    You can internet it. It’s good.

    All kinds of music new and old.


  4. I listen to KJAZZ no matter which vehicle I`m driving or the time of day.

    It`s a listener funded jazz station which on weekends features “Nothing But The Blues”.

    • rossl on February 19, 2010 at 00:51

    UPenn’s radio station, and a lot of music and podcasts.

  5. radio lately. For years I listened to NPR and KBOO (our hippie station) all day as I worked on my art. NPR freaked me right out during the Bushies as they morphed into Nice Polite Republicans and then got even worse and started being  neocon Pentagon lovers of the likes of Rumsey. I was a member and called to compalain so much that the phone guy knew my name. I withdrew my membership and although I still like some of their shows haven’t regretted leaving them behind. They really make me mad as they are percieved as liberal and are not. At least with the rabid right talk radio you know what your listening to.

    I was a Luddite then and I guess I should thank NPR because they drove me to the computer for a breath of Fresh Air and some news that wasn’t propaganda. I stated listening to Air America when I worked instead as it was the only radio that counteracted the right. I really liked the outrageous Randy Rhoads even though my family could’nt take her yelling. Rachael Maddow and Robert Kennedy JR’s Ring of Fire show were my favorites. I haven’t listened or supported KBOO for years I think I’ll give them a listen, i hear they now broadscast Democracy Now.          

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