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    • Edger on February 22, 2010 at 19:04

  1. this day isnt going very well.


  2. as the Buddhists I’m not giving up but I no longer think of winning in the same way. It is not worth getting up if you view the dance of politics as real. Winning or losing are presented as change or the only reality, an illusion that wants you to believe that this is the way things are and always have been and that it is good to compromise with the world they seek to create. The changes occurring now are the opposite of progressive or good and each new political battle over direction and policy further entrenches and gives more power to the squid on humanities face. Worse it wants you to support this evil as it’s could be worse.        

    One of my artistic hero is a graphic artist named Milton Glaser and I watched a show about him on Sundance last night. He is a liberal and unabashed successful humanist. He does the covers for The Nation. His work is visual communication. I watched for inspiration art wise but I came away with a new political view point to use. He talked about how the 60’s had brought change and a new light to our society and the young people thought that a new era of enlightenment would occur. Instead our society and government turned to the dark during the Reagan era where greed was good and dark was light. He said he was not a pessimistic but a realist in the sense that now more then ever the light is needed and that is how we should function, as the conscious light to counteract the dark, that has taken over.

    The outcome of each battle like HCR cannot be measured in wins and losses politically. The powers that be are just using these crisis’s they create as bricks in their fortress that walls out the light we need as humans and citizens. Our presence is essential and needed to keep them from turning the daylight night with each new crisis they both create and prosper from. I feel that getting up each day and at least witnessing or creating light is an incremental change I can believe in. If we fail on health care or human rights we must keep shining whatever light, beauty, inspiration or solidarity we can to bring back humanity’s other side.            

  3. Photobucket

    I am so exhausted.  And it’s not even 3 pm ET.  

  4. to fuck up health care Obama will fuck up health care.

    This is why the Illuminati hired him in the first place.

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