ACTION! Dems Need Help Being Mediocre At Best!!!

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Since it seems to be a day for cheap sarcasm

I want everybody to get up, get up and go to your phones and dial your Congress members RIGHT NOW and deliver this message!!!

We demand you be more spineless and wishy washy!

After all we didn’t overwhelmingly elect you and give you a mandate over the last two cycles to take real steps to fix what is wrong with America in a bold and decisive fashion! We didn’t put you in office to fix all the things the Republicans screwed up over the last eight…or 40.. years!

We elected you to get the least possible result while protecting your jobs and bowing to the 41 vote Republican majority at every opportunity!

Sure, you have done a great job on capitulating on Climate Change legislation, investigating and prosecuting torture, and allowing us to be slaughtered by The Banksters in the economic Class War by admirably hiding under your desk every time a Republican looks crosseyed at you….

But it is starting to look like you may actually pass some sort of weak watered down unpopular health care reform bill in the next year or so that allows the Insurance Companies to finish the job of taking from the poor and giving to the rich what the banks haven’t managed to find under our couch cushions and mattresses!

And that just won’t do!

How are you going to hand the next two elections to the Republicans with a weak effort like that! You can do worse!

I mean really, we are resigned to “taking what we can get” from you our betters, and there are still a FEW things that haven’t come out of your pockets as the Republican Minority holds you upside down and shakes you!

I know, I know, the demonic devil horribly nasty bad terrible responsible for everything that is wrong with the world pinko lefty Firebaggers have been pushing you to actually use your power, your majority. and the fact that …up until recently when you have laid down to them like nice fluffy puppies  when the voters want and need you to fight like pitbulls….the public despises the Republicans, to actually DO something….

But rest assured that we have folks all over the blogs shouting them down, personally attacking and smearing them, and trying to demonize them even further in a steadfast attempt to allow you to reach your full potential of spineless mediocrity in the face of crisis. We are trying to do our part, but they keep insisting that you stand up and fight to actually achieve something good with the power that we all gave you to change things.

But we vow to work harder to allow you to work less hard!

Rest assured that at least some of us know that polite support and rabid defense of you no matter how bad a job you do is THE most effective route to real Change! We hereby vow to redouble our efforts to prevent any political pressure on you from big mean bloggers!


Get to your phones, fellow Dem Establishment Supporters! Or even better, get up, go to your window, and YELL out the new slogan of Democrats everywhere until it rings across the land! Let your representatives in Washington hear you!


THAT is what your stalwart capitulators to the unpopular and odious Republicans need to hear from you “Lefty” Bloggers now!


Oh and…..leave Rahm ALONE, you big meanies! He would NEVER say bad things about YOU! Following the path of least resistance to achieve the absolute minimum possible in order to be able to point to a bad bill as a huge accomplishment when we could have gotten so much more …is not EASY you know!



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  1. Photobucket

    • Edger on February 22, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    They don’t even make good republicans!

    They need to bone up on their chest-thumping.

    And they need to keep working on reality denial. So far that’s the only thing there are half assed good at, but they have a long ways to go to become pros at it. More chest thumping would help.

    • TomP on February 22, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    could reach mediocre.  Even that is too radical.  🙂

  2. but you really shoulda left Rahm out of it!!! lolol

    • Big Tex on February 22, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    If there’s anybody who knows how to do mediocre, it’s him.

  3. legislation.  Democrats need 61, or is that 99?  

    No, wait, I think it’s 101.  Yes, 101, and they can’t do that until they make Puerto Rico a State and get two more Senators in Congress.

    Anybody up for working on PR Statehood?–cause we can’t get anything psssed by the Dems till we get at least 101 votes of 102 Senators.

  4. one of a small bird opening its maw for a feeding?  

  5. and tell him he better be more by-partisan because every once in a while he goes on Rachael Maddow’s show and makes some noise that sounds like the progressive agenda. I can thank him for his great job as a member of the Intelligence Committee where he did a great job of protecting our security and making sure that Gitmo stayed open and worked hard to dispel the ugly rumors of torture.

    Thanks Ron for all your work at getting us less and protecting us from the rabid Democratic partisans, and progressives. If only Gordon were still around to side with. Your by-partisan stances need a little more work less talk of real reform and effectiveness and more pumping the ‘compromises’ that make reform impossible. We need to keep that fictitious center from skewing Democratic or even democratic.      

  6. governorship of California in 1934. Clink, Clink, Clink

    Now that’s something to get excited about. Hell, so what if it’s 76 years ago. Since I live in the past, it means there’s still hope.

  7. came out of the cracks in the floor over at GOS for the crossposting of this diary.  They’re not even subtle.  Pile on and hijack if possible.  GOS is completely infested.  Full fumigation is needed.

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