Olympic Alternatives VII

You thought I was not serious?

I’m dead serious.  The only way to effect change is through sacrifice (changing your habits) and protest (telling people what you think, publicly).

Plenty of other stuff out on the Hypnotoad.  Just look-

The Hypnotoad.

"Television is a vast wasteland"

Mid-Afternoon Update.

Prime Time Update.

FINAL Update.

Here’s a list of things (not comprehensive) I think more worthy of your eyeballs.

Instead of Men’s Curling on USA

9:00 Spike CSI 9:00
9:00 TV Land Leave It To Beaver 1:00
10:00 AMC The Devil’s Brigade 1:00
10:00 Bravo The Negotiator 1:00
11:00 Oxygen America’s Next Top Model 11:00
11:00 SciFi Caprica 4:00
11:00 Discovery Overhaulin 5:00
12:00 TNT Las Vegas 2:00
12:00 ABC Family Full House 1:00
12:00 History Modern Marvels 2:00
12:00 Lifetime Wife Swap 3:00
12:00 MTV True Life 2:00
12:30 TCM The Divorcee 1:30
1:00 AMC Dances With Wolves 5:00
1:00 Bravo The Matrix Reloaded 4:00
1:00 Comedy Daily Show, Colbert Report 2:00
1:00 E! True Hollywood Story 4:00
1:00 TV Land Gunsmoke 2:00
2:00 TCM Broadway Melody 3:30
2:00 History True Caribbean Pirates 4:00
2:00 TNT Cold Case 4:00
2:00 TV Land Bonanza 5:00
2:00 ABC Family Sabrina the Teenage Witch 3:00

My goodness, our two marathons, CSI and America’s Next Top Model, are so short, only 12 Hours, that they’re hardly even worthy of the name.

Not many movies compared to yesterday.  Broadway Melody from 1929 is the first sound film ever to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

Looks like a good day to catch up on Caprica as they’re repeating practically the whole series so far.  As I’ve said I don’t quite know what I think about it yet.

Instead of Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Team Sprints on NBC or Women’s Hockey semi-Finals on USA

3:00 Comedy How High 5:00
3:00 ABC Family Full House 4:00
3:00 Lifetime Desperate Housewives 6:00
4:00 Bravo Millionaire Matchmaker 6:00
4:00 History Return of the Pirates 6:00
4:00 TMC The Hollywood Revue 6:00
4:00 VH-1 Celebrity Rehab w/ Dr. Drew 6:00
4:00 TNT Law & Order 7:00

Instead of Women’s Curling on CNBC

5:00 AMC Philadelphia 8:00
5:00 Comedy Scary Movie 7:00
5:00 ABC Family Gilmore Girls 6:00
5:00 SciFi Stargate 7:00
5:00 Discovery Cash Cab 6:00
5:00 A&E First 48 7:00
6:00 History Modern Marvels 8:00
6:00 Lifetime Grey’s Anatomy 9:00
6:00 TCM Sunset Boulevard 8:00
6:00 Discovery King Tut Unwrapped: Royal Blood 8:00
6:00 USA NCIS 9:00
7:00 Bravo Groundhog Day 9:00
7:00 ESPN West Viginia @ Connecticut 9:00
7:00 ABC Family Secret Life of the American Teenager 9:00
7:00 Toon Johnny Test 8:00
7:30 FX The Devil Wears Prada 10:00

Philadelphia and Forrest Gump (x 2) is the exact same triple feature we saw yesterday.  How imaginative.  Aren’t there any other Tom Hanks movies?  Bueller?

Groundhog Day is one of my favorites.  I don’t know anything at all about doing things over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until you get them right.  Best movie about Buddhism ever!

Cash Cab, just saying.

Connecticut is going to thump West Virginia.  Stargate?  Can’t get me enough Amanda Tapping, some people say I’m like Rodney that way.  King Tut has a sequel at 8 pm.  Gilmore Girls is winding down, Logan asked Lorelai for Rory’s hand this morning.

Mr. DeMille?  I’m ready for my close up.

Instead of another Women’s Hockey semi-Final on CNBC or Ice Dancing, Freestyle Skiing, and Ski Jumping on NBC

8:00 A&E Intervention 10:00
8:00 AMC Forrest Gump (x 2) 2:00
8:00 MSNBC Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow 12:00
8:00 TBS Family Guy 11:00
8:00 Discovery King Tut Unwrapped: Life and Death (x 3) 2:00
8:00 TLC Cake Boss 10:00
8:00 TNT Men of a Certain Age 11:00
8:00 TCM Five Graves to Cairo 9:30
8:00 VH-1 Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp 10:00
8:30 E! Keeping Up With the Kardashians 11:00
9:00 ESPN Oklahoma @ Kansas 11:00
9:00 Food Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives 11:00
9:00 Lifetime The Messengers 11:00
9:00 Toon Teen Titans 10:00
9:00 TV Land Home Improvement 11:00
9:00 Animal Planet Pit Boss 1:00
9:30 Comedy Futurama 10:30
9:30 TCM The Fighting Sullivans 11:30

It is technically possible to watch nothing else except Family Guy from now until midnight.

Instead of Men’s Curling on CNBC (10:30)

10:00 TV Guide My Fair Brady 2:00
10:00 Bravo Kell on Earth 12:00
10:00 Toon King of the Hill 11:00
11:00 Comedy Daily Show, Colbert Report 12:00
11:00 Food Good Eats 11:30
11:00 Toon Family Guy 12:00
11:00 TLC Cake Boss 1:00
11:30 Spike Blue Mountain State 1:00
11:30 TCM It Happened One Night 1:30

Final Update for today

Well here’s something pretty amazing.  In looking at the schedule for late night there is absolutely NO original programming except for Women’s Curling, Britain v. Denmark, on MSNBC @ 3 am.

Zip.  Zilch.  Nothing.  Nada.


Incompetent morons, they’re worse than US Curling.

Each update takes about as much research (2 hours or so) as a normal essay and tonight I just don’t see the point of it.

Find your own amusement.  I suppose I shall wash my socks and nap.

This part still under construction, expect updates.

All of them far more worth your eyeballs than NBC and its horrible coverage.

This isn’t even political, except for the lesson in activism.

Am I serious?

Dead serious.

Email- [email protected]

Oh Rose, have something to eat.

Two hundred thousand years in the future he’s dying, and there’s nothing I can do.

Well, like you said, two hundred thousand years, it’s way off!

But it’s not!  It’s now.  That fight is happening right now!  And he’s fighting for us, for the whole planet, and I’m just sitting here eating chips!

Listen to me!  God knows I have hated that man, but right now I love him, and do you know why?  Cause he did the right thing, he sent you back to me!

But what do I do every day, Mum?  What do I do?  Get up, catch the bus, go to work, come back home, eat chips and go to bed, is that it?!

It’s what the rest of us do.

But I can’t!

Why, cause you’re better than us??

NO, I didn’t mean that!  I just…  But it was.  It was a better life!

And I don’t mean all the travelling, and seeing aliens and spaceships and things, that don’t matter.

The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life.  You know, he showed you too!

That you don’t just give up!  You don’t just let things happen!

You make a stand, you say no, you have the guts to do what’s right when everyone else just runs away.

I want to make it very clear that you can use this thread to talk about the Olympics all you like.

I will be watching something else.

And you’re perfectly free to post your own essay, I might even promote it.

But to those who say that it doesn’t matter, that now that NBC has its advertisers ratings mean nothing, you couldn’t be more wrong.  They have guaranteed those advertisers a certain number of eyeballs and if NBC doesn’t make their numbers they have to give their sponsors free advertising until they do.

You have power.  You just have to have the willpower to use it.


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  1. Thought for the day-

    The Olympics is not just about rooting for the home town team.

  2. … am trying to set up new computer.  Sh*t.

    What effing timing.  

    ek, I’m not ignoring the site.

    Men’s curling  USA vs Canada (oh, gawd…)  and other sports this am

    Ski jumping

    Cross country ski ,  ladies & mens

    Ski jumping

    Ice hockey women’s USA semifinals


    list of medal winners USA


  3. ******


    In Canuckian, I added American translations

    Alpine recreation forecast for the South Coast Mountains issued by Environment Canada at 5 AM PST Monday 22 February 2010.

    The next mountain forecast will be issued at 2 PM TODAY.

    Synopsis..A ridge of high pressure will remain stationary over the South Coast today maintaining dry and mild conditions. The ridge will weaken on Tuesday allowing a Pacific frontal system to approach the region. This system will bring increasing clouds and precipitation late Tuesday.

    5 Day Trend..A series of Pacific disturbances will move across the South Coast through Friday bringing precipitation.

    Whistler – Blackcomb.

    Today.. Sunny.

    Alpine high plus 2.  (about 36ºF)

    Freezing level rising to 1700 metres this afternoon.

    Mountain top winds light.

    Tonight.. A few clouds.

    Alpine low near minus 2.   (about 28ºF )

    Freezing level lowering to valley bottom.

    Mountain top winds light.

    Tuesday.. Increasing cloudiness. A few flurries beginning in the evening.

    Snowfall amount up to 2 cm.  (about 3/4″ of an inch)

    Alpine temperature lowering to minus 5 in the afternoon.  ( about 22ºF )

    Freezing level rising to near 1300 metres in the afternoon.

    Mountain top winds becoming southeast 20 km/h in the afternoon.

    Here’s your Whistler Webcam of the Morning


    • TMC on February 22, 2010 at 19:43

    TeamUSA Hockey Win Prompts Fear of Retaliation

    Tension between the United States of America and Canada continues to escalate at a rapid pace today, following TeamUSA’s 5-3 victory over Canada in Men’s Hockey last night.

    On the heels of this morning’s bitter exchange, first reported by this site’s Loren Heal, eye-witnesses report that Canada’s entire Navy has been launched into Lake Ontario.

    While Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano could not confirm these reports, proving that the system is still working, she did admit that it was unlikely that the Canadian Skulls team had been confused with Canada’s Navy. “These are the Winter Olympics, after all,” she said, displaying her competence.

    Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barack Obama, who also moonlights as America’s Commander-in-Chief, quickly responded with a brutal apology. “The United States is deeply troubled by Canada’s feelings,” he told a gaggle of star-struck reporters earlier today. “I can only assure them that our victory last night both surprised and ashamed me. We are not trying to dominate France’s Olympics. Look at the Curlers we sent over there.” No one asked him if he meant Canada’s Olympics, as he did not take questions.

    The President also went a step further, launching a public relations counterattack to shore up America’s stature with the all-important International Community. “America does not torture! As of right now the United States will no longer engage in Snowboarding.”

    Shaun White was then deported to Pakistan.

    Meanwhile, Canada’s resolve refuses to waver. Troops have amassed on the border, ready to invade US hospitals for routine tonsillectomies.

    There’s more.  

  4. They’re shaking hands.

    Canada 8 – 0

    USA 2 – 6

  5. They had me hooked when I watched the pilot on pay per view last year. Not sure how much I like it yet either but I’ll watch it anyway just like Babylon 5 and BSG.

    • TMC on February 23, 2010 at 01:40

    Canada 6/Sweden 2. Still in progress Suisse 8/Japan 4 at 8th round

    • TMC on February 23, 2010 at 02:01

    USA in gold medal match Thursday against the winner of tonight’s game Canada v Finland. My daughter is rooting for Canada tonight. I suppose she is for escalating the “hostilities” 😉

  6. … for example, at Crunchyroll are anime series like Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee, with free ad-supported streams a week after Japanese air time (an hour after Japanese air time for anime subscribers) and in the back catalog anime like Climate Catastrophe dystopian Shangri-La.

    Olympics? My brother gives me a 3 minute update in the morning.

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