Olympic Alternatives III

You thought I was not serious?

I’m dead serious.  The only way to effect change is through sacrifice (changing your habits) and protest (telling people what you think, publicly).

Plenty of other stuff out on the Hypnotoad.  Just look-

The Hypnotoad.

"Television is a vast wasteland"

Now with Prime Time Update!

Late Night Final.

Here’s a list of things (not comprehensive) I think more worthy of your eyeballs.

Instead of Men’s Curling on USA

7:30 Oxygen Snapped 6:00
8:00 SciFi First Wave 4:00
9:00 Spike CSI 8:00
11:00 Discovery A Haunting 5:00
11:30 AMC Aliens 2:30
11:30 TCM Captain Fury 1:30
12:00 Bravo Real Housewives of Orange County 2:00
12:00 ABC Family Full House 1:00
12:00 Lifetime Wife Swap 3:00
12:00 TNT Las Vegas 2:00
12:00 TV Land Hogan’s Heros 1:00
12:00 VH-1 Coyote Ugly 2:30
1:00 Comedy Daily Show, Colbert Report 2:30
1:00 Tv Land Gunsmoke 2:00
1:30 TMC Captains Courageous 3:30
2:00 ABC Family Sabrina The Teenage Witch 3:00
2:00 TV Land Bonanza 5:00
2:00 Comedy Bowfinger 4:00
2:00 Disney That’s So Raven 4:00
2:00 TNT Cold Case 4:00
2:00 History (Martin Luther) King 4:00
2:30 AMC Terminator 2 5:30

I’ll mention at this point AMC is running my favorite ‘Strong Women of the 80s’ double feature- Aliens and Terminator 2.  Also that Oxygen’s Snapped is in fact part of a 10 and a half hour marathon, Spike’s CSI is part of an 11 hour marathon, and Bravo’s Real Housewives the start of an astounding 13 and a half hour one interrupted only by a half hour of Watch What Happens: Live at midnight!

Instead of Men’s Hockey on USA or Women’s Biathalon and Halfpipe Snowboarding on NBC

3:00 ABC Family Full House 4:00
3:00 TLC LA Ink 3:00
3:00 Lifetime Desperate Housewives 6:00
3:30 TMC The Good Earth 6:00
4:00 History Modern Marvels 7:00
4:00 TNT Law & Order 7:00

Yup LA Ink on TLC is another 12 hour marathon.

Instead of Women’s Curling on CNBC or Men’s Hockey on MSNBC (5:30)

5:00 SciFi Stargate 7:00
5:00 Nick Spongebob Squarepants 6:00
5:00 A&E First 48 10:00
5:00 ABC Family Gilmore Girls 6:00
5:30 AMC Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life 8:00
6:00 Oxygen Law & Order CI 12:30
6:00 Lifetime Grey’s Anatomy 9:00
6:00 TCM San Francisco 8:00
6:30 VH-1 Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp 9:00
7:00 Discovery Dirty Jobs 9:00
7:00 ESPN Auburn @ Florida 9:00
7:00 Comedy Daily Show, Colbert Report 8:00
7:00 History Food Tech 11:00
7:00 Toon Johnny Test 8:30

The 8 pm Johnny Test is supposed to be a new episode.

Instead of Men’s Hockey on CNBC or Women’s Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, and Speed Skating (1000m) on NBC

8:00 TCM The Crowd 9:30
8:00 AMC Dante s Peak 10:30
8:00 TBS The Bourne Supremacy 10:00
8:00 TNT Denver @ Cleveland 10:30
8:00 Food Iron Chef America 9:00
8:00 FX The Rundown 10:00
8:00 SciFi ST Next Generation 11:00
8:00 E! Keeping Up With the Kardashians 10:00
8:00 MSNBC Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow 12:00
9:00 Lifetime Project Runway 2:30
9:00 Discovery How Stuff Works 11:00
9:00 ESPN Wisconsin @ Minnesota 11:00
9:00 Food Ace of Cakes 11:00
9:00 TV Land Home Improvement 11:00
9:00 VH-1 Celebrity Rehab w/ Dr. Drew 11:00
9:30 TCM A Free Soul 11:30

Of this group I’d like to point out King Vidor’s silent classic, The Crowd and Barrymore’s legendary 14 minute monologue in A Free Soul.

Instead of Women’s Hockey on CNBC

10:00 FX Archer 11:30
10:00 TBS Family Guy 11:00
10:00 Toon King of the Hill 11:00
10:00 USA Burn Notice 11:00
10:00 Comedy Demitri Martin, Sarah Silverman 11:00
10:30 TNT Boston @ Los Angeles 1:00
10:30 AMC The Fugitive 1:30
11:00 Discovery Dirty Jobs 12:00
11:00 Food Good Eats 11:30
11:00 Toon Family Guy 12:00
11:00 History Food Tech 2:00
11:00 SciFi Caprica 12:00
11:00 Comedy Daily Show, Colbert Report 12:00
11:30 FX The Alarmist 1:30
11:30 TCM The Barretts of Wimpole Street 1:30

Archer is a new cartoon by the makers if Frisky Dingo.  Caprica is the new series by the Battlestar Galactica crowd.  I’m not sure what I think about it yet.  The Barretts of Wimpole Street is the 1934 Shearer/March version.

You’ll note I included Burn Notice.

Instead of Men’s Hockey on CNBC (12:30) or Men’s and Women’s Skeleton and Biathalon on NBC (12:30)

12:00 Food Ace of Cakes 2:00
12:00 Discovery How Stuff Works 2:00
12:00 VH-1 Celebrity Rehab w/ Dr. Drew 1:00
12:00 A&E First 48 2:00
12:00 Comedy Demitri Martin, Sarah Silverman, Futurama 1:30
12:00 SciFi SG-1 1:00
12:00 TV Land Roseanne 2:30
1:00 Spike CSI 2:00
1:00 USA Burn Notice 2:00
1:00 Toon Moral Orel, Oblongs 2:00
1:00 Animal Planet Bear Whisperer 3:00
1:00 MSNBC Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow 3:00
1:30 Comedy Daily Show, Colbert Report 2:30
1:30 AMC Bram Stoker’s Dracula 4:00
1:30 TCM The Bad And The Beautiful 3:30

Instead of Curling and Biathalon on CNBC (2:30) and Men’s Curling on MSNBC (3:00)

2:00 Food Good Eats 2:30
2:00 Toon King of The Hill 3:00
2:00 A&E Manhunter: Fugitive Task Force 4:00
2:00 Spike Unsolved Mysteries 4:00
2:30 Comedy Scary Movie 4:30
3:00 Toon Family Guy 4:00
3:00 Food Iron Chef America 4:00
3:00 SciFi Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave 5:00
3:00 Animal Planet Yellowstone: Battle For Life 5:00
3:00 TBS Without A Paddle 5:00
4:00 AMC The Fog 6:00
4:00 TV Land Three’s Company 5:00
5:00 Toon Moral Orel, Home Movies 6:00

This part still under construction, expect updates.

All of them far more worth your eyeballs than NBC and it’s horrible coverage.

This isn’t even political, except for the lesson in activism.

Am I serious?

Dead serious.

Email- [email protected]

Oh Rose, have something to eat.

Two hundred thousand years in the future he’s dying, and there’s nothing I can do.

Well, like you said, two hundred thousand years, it’s way off!

But it’s not!  It’s now.  That fight is happening right now!  And he’s fighting for us, for the whole planet, and I’m just sitting here eating chips!

Listen to me!  God knows I have hated that man, but right now I love him, and do you know why?  Cause he did the right thing, he sent you back to me!

But what do I do every day, Mum?  What do I do?  Get up, catch the bus, go to work, come back home, eat chips and go to bed, is that it?!

It’s what the rest of us do.

But I can’t!

Why, cause you’re better than us??

NO, I didn’t mean that!  I just…  But it was.  It was a better life!

And I don’t mean all the travelling, and seeing aliens and spaceships and things, that don’t matter.

The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life.  You know, he showed you too!

That you don’t just give up!  You don’t just let things happen!

You make a stand, you say no, you have the guts to do what’s right when everyone else just runs away.

I want to make it very clear that you can use this thread to talk about the Olympics all you like.

I will be watching something else.

And you’re perfectly free to post your own essay, I might even promote it.

But to those who say that it doesn’t matter, that now that NBC has its advertisers ratings mean nothing, you couldn’t be more wrong.  They have guaranteed those advertisers a certain number of eyeballs and if NBC doesn’t make their numbers they have to give their sponsors free advertising until they do.

You have power.  You just have to have the willpower to use it.


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  1. I’ll update this before 8 pm, but probably not until after Afternoon Edition.

  2. that things are not going so well for USA Curling.

    • Eddie C on February 18, 2010 at 18:09


    Not for nothing but I always though that the pilot (Cynthia Dale Scott) of the spacecraft had a really pretty mouth.

    That what the alien went for too!

  3. The best “game show” on TV. Thursdays 5-7pm Discovery Channel.

    Cab picks up New Yorkers or whoever between Dowtown and Upper East/West Side, during their 40 block ride or so they are asked trivia questions with chance to win  a few hundred bucks (maybe a thou).

    If you love New York it is always fun to try and recognize which blocks and landmarks the Cash Cab is cruising by, always an interesting cross section of people too.


  4. Bitching to Comcast customer service over bandwidth limits, new world order net censorship and making the net a retarded lamestream AOL like shopping mall.

    Sending eugenics information to the free swine flu clinic

    Ordering survival gear online

  5. … are teh suckitude.  

  6. I admit it last evening I watched Lindsey Vonns awesome run and Shawn Whites incredible aerial ballet show on the half pipe.

    • Robyn on February 18, 2010 at 18:39
    • TMC on February 18, 2010 at 18:51

    I should be home later this evening. Maybe I’ll watch a movie that I’ve never seen that everyone keeps referencing, “The Matrix”. I need to figure out which pill I should take. I know the difference between red and blue kool aid and that I shouldn’t drink either one.

    Dr. TMC is addicted to the skiing events. (sigh)

    ek, I have been reading my mail, grrrrrrr.

  7. http://www.vancouver2010.com/o

  8. our futility in Curling is complete.

    • TMC on February 19, 2010 at 06:18

    The gold goes to USA, Evan Lysacek. also the World Champion

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