McCain and DSHEA

Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act Sounds nice don’t it, but like everything else these people propose it is really Codex Alimentarius, that pile of horsemanure under yet another name.  In Canada it was bill C6.


I do so love it when people speak truth.

The terms of this bill further the Globalist Eugenicide Agenda in that it seeks to treat dietary supplements, which are foods and therefore ought to be deemed safe if used as directed, as though they were toxins (while, of course, the agency treats the real dangers – GMOs, food additives, dangerous drugs, vaccines and industrial toxins as though they were perfectly safe).

Our fucked up “health” system in this country.

Let me take the birth control drug Yaz for example.  There is a Yaz homepage but wait a minute on the right hand side it says Free Lawsuit Review.  As a matter of fact the lawyers take up the entire right side of the Google page.

Others include Viox and aspertame and may point to the conclusion that government regulation is far from perfect.  It also points out government really does not give a flying fuck about your health by allowing such things to continue ad nauseum over and over again.  You as a peasant can take the Yaz and see the lawyer later, either way it’s just business so why incompetently regulate vitamins.

What do they really want to do here?  How about taking away vitamins to create new business for big pharma vitamin deficiency alleviating high priced prescription drugs.  Face it we lost the war on drugs.  Tv tells you to ask your docotor for.  You can’t venture out of the house sans Purell and you can throw a rock from one CVS to the next.  We are hypocondriacs plain and simple.

TV told us so.

Check out the video in the right hand column.

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Just another day in the declining empire!

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