Maybe America’s Cup

Perhaps we’ll get racing today.

I’m pleased as punch that AmericanRiverCanyon seems to be as into the Cup as I and TheMomCat are.  There are cases that cannot be over done by language, this is from

Sides have been chosen around the America’s Cup world, and this may be the least friendly competition among nations for yachting’s great prize to ever slide down the ways.

Not the least of these issues is the Battle for the Soul of the America’s Cup that has raged increasingly hot since July, 2007.  The near future of the event, if not its entire future, may ride on the outcome.

Win or Lose, this match could well be the last time we ever see the America’s Cup unleashed to this degree.  This is a match race in the original sense, the boats at mythic proportions, the competitors have real anger, the stakes beyond mere pride.  The America’s Cup sails into history today, and Cup fans everywhere should hope it comes out a winner.

Your sources for streaming video are-

ESPN 360 is covering it also, but without a permanent link.

ARC seems to think Alinghi has an edge in boat speed, that was not my impression and I hope it’s not so as Alinghi has shown no interest in returning to a traditional Challenger/Defender Regatta format.  It’s a best two of three race this time with races 1 and 3 being 20 miles upwind and 20 miles back and race 2 a 39 mile triangular course.

Both yachts are reputed to sail at 3 x wind speed.  Monday’s proposed start was canceled because of lack of wind and Wednesday’s because there was too much.

Today also marks the “start” of the Olympics but I consider Opening and Closing Ceremonies nothing but vapid spectacles.  Your tolerance of volunteer amateur rhythmic gymnastics, costumed Mummers’ parades, televised fireworks, and breathless pseudo punditry and hype may vary.

In any event, while I still reserve the right to change my mind, my current coverage solution is after noon (and I’m talking 12:30 pm) and evening consolidated threads.  Volunteers interested in specific sports are more than welcome and if you feel like you’re in danger of exceeding your three essay a day limit, please drop me a comment and let me fix that for you.

I have to pick up my brother at Bradley at 6 pm so I’m not likely to be around for the 7:30 pm start anyway.

Have a great day, I’ll see you in comments or at 4 for Afternoon Edition.


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  1. Not the most awake puppy.

  2. Talk about boat speed.

    BMW/Oracle pointing up 3 or 4 degrees over Alinghi, over came a 660 meter starting line mistake to lead by 400 meters at this point AND Alinghi fouled in the pre-start and has a 270 degree penalty turn to work off.

    What did I say about superior hardware?

  3. BMW/Oracle by 550 meters.

    They’ll go up to the lay line before they tack.

  4. Somewhat fun to see them scramble.

    These boats are MUCH bigger than the old formula so it’s almost 30 yards from one hull to the other.

  5. WRONG!

    1200 meters!

    Unless something breaks the race is OVER!.

  6. that Alinghi is going to work off their penalty before the mark  because the tack will be harder under a spinnacker.

    BMW/Oracle seems to work better without a jib (semi-rigid airfoil).

  7. in preparation for the mark.

    Powered winches so it’s just push a button.

    With these type sails it’s not a traditional Balloon spinnacker, what you want to do is shape the wind passing across your main sail.

  8. to see BMW/Oracle run on just one Ama (that’s Polynesian for outrigger).

    Seriously, they lift the main hull up out out of the water.

  9. It was the upwind jib.

    Did I mention they have automatic ballasting?

    Guys still run from one side to the other and pose, but it’s mostly for show.

  10. 1500 Meters ahead.

  11. “Gee, BMW/Oracle is so far ahead they’re losing their wind shadow advantage!”

  12. 3:21.

    Anything could happen.

    Something could break.

    A Kraken could rise from the deep.


  13. Alinghi has lost and won’t do the turn until right before the finish, because they have to catch up to make it meaningful anyway.

  14. over 2k now.

  15. on the BMW/Oracle site which is the one I’m using.

  16. “Alinghi didn’t have enough time!”

    They’re the DEFENDERS!

    They schedule the fucking race!

    Over 3500 meters now.

    I told you it was a mercy rule.

  17. Alinghi isn’t even good in light air.

    This Cup is over.

    Wait!  A Kraken!

  18. Alingi is a tiny bit faster than BMW. Also, the helmsman could have done a better job flying the hull.

  19. It is post race.

  20. Sail change, 8 minutes, and they didn’t take the penalty turn.

  21. I’d rather have a L than a DSQ.

    Apologise much?

  22. Now remember, they had a 1:27 lead at the start.

  23. With these comments, I felt I was watching the race live.

    Good one.

    NowI`ll try & find links for a replay of it.

    • TMC on February 12, 2010 at 23:58

    Great job. I can watch the re-run of the race and read your commentary. Almost as good as being there. I’ll be able to join in for the next race.

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