I’m Dropping Olympic Coverage

What NBC did tonight to the premier event of Alpine Skiing was just inexcusable.

Half an hour of coverage, 4 or 5 skiers, puff bios and a crash reel.

Followed by Polar Bears.

The Olympics is not worth watching and I’m not going to encourage you to do it.  In fact I’m going to encourage you to watch something else by providing alternatives.

I had hoped this would be a fun event we could share.

Instead I find I have better things to do with my life and so do you.

If we will not vote with our eyeballs against the elite smirking assholes and morons who control our media, what sacrifice are we prepared to make?

I will be busy tomorrow all day.

Caribou, I’m sorry that I involved you in this.  You can make your own decision as can everyone else, but I will not be insulted.

Update: a petition from TheMomCat.


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  1. Snowboardcross got more time, lol

    < But i just had it on in the background while reading the bible to blind orphan lepers /lying snobbishness re tv >

  2. I gave up on TV when they converted the signals to digital — I intentionally didn’t get a converter box.

    Am I really missing anything?  Every once in awhile I peruse my parents’ satellite dish connection.  My conclusion remains the same: I’m not missing anything of importance.

    Of course, I live in an area where one can go outside for a good portion of each day.  If I wasn’t in California it might make a difference.

  3. I understand pullin’ the plug.  NBC truly sucks, especially in the primetime coverage.

    Let’s all follow buhdydharma’s lead and use the time to read the Bible instead.  While we may not all have access to blind orphan lepers like he does, surely we all have some depraved person in our lives who needs to be hearin’ the word.

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