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I have never been a stranger to admitting when I have been wrong.  My philosophy is that is better to be wrong than to have no opinion.  Since I write many of my thoughts here and at Kos, I am never short for feedback to show me how I am wrong, and I actually appreciate it.  I always strive for accuracy, and welcome any corrections.

I have been very wrong about Limbaugh.  I started listen to him around 1993 (please do not ask why, because the answer is extremely convoluted and very personal, [thanks, Cruz]) so we will not go there.  Please follow my thoughts.

Limbaugh is the most listened to hate, aka, talk, radio show in the United States, and perhaps worldwide, at present.  Interestingly, the second and third ones are the hatemongers Hannity and Beck.  Hannity is pretty much a rank and file Republican (although the denies it), and Beck is just bat guano nuts.  Olbermann did well last night with the video of Beck barking like a mad dog, and it was not enhanced.  Beck actually did that.  I will try to find a link.

But Limbaugh has a particular nastiness about him that I can not exactly define.  Certainly he is a misogynist, and just as certain he is racist.  I have been condemned here for stating my belief that he is actually gay, so I will not advance that thesis, although Olbermann last night implied that Coulter is cross gendered.  Hopefully you will give me a pass on my observation about Limbaugh and the POSSIBILITY that he is confused in that manner.  Three marriages and now lives with pets?  Well, that is not here nor there.

Obviously, by his own admission, Limbaugh has had a challenge with drug addiction.  I applaud his apparent success on “kicking the habit”, because it is hard to do.  I wish him well to stay away from powerful narcotics, but he actually was less hateful when he was using.  He is pretty much pure hatred in a distilled manner now.  He actually uses the phrase, “I hate …”, whatever his vitriolic emotions place him on his radio show now.

As an example, on his show yesterday, after the horrible news came in about the madman who flew his aeorplane into the building that housed the IRS folks, he used that example over and over, qualifying it that he would either parachute out first or use another manner of killing so that he would live, just around the live demonstration of how to use Zicam, one of the sponsors of his show.  Folks, please do not buy Zicam.

Now to my thesis.

I used to think think that Limbaugh was just a person like P.T. Barnum, a showman who would do or say anything to bring in people.  When you come to think of it, that is all that he has.  Only if sponsors buy the products that he hawks will he make money.  Actually, I quit buying from Pizza Hut, Florida orange juice, and Snapple just because he once pitched them, and to this day do not buy them.  Sponsors, take note, because there are more like me.

I truly believe that he was just saying what he thought would get him audience (and, thus, sponsors) until some years ago.  Now I think that he actually believes his narcotic crazed, hate filled, self inflating rhetoric himself.  The past couple of weeks, listening to his show (I WILL NOT pay money to his website for the “privilege” of seeing his less than spectacular mannerisms) indicate to me that he is more out of control than ever, viz., yesterday he referred to the President of the United States as “Dumbo”.  He later indicated that he was making a reference to the President’s ears, but also put forth the idea that it might apply to his mind as well.  What a person to call someone names over appearance!

This reminds me of an old series of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  That was a DC comic popular in the 1960s (I told you that I am a geezer).  One of the villains was Validus, an extremely strong but not an evil being that was kept in Intertron to prevent him from harming others.  He was not evil, but unpredictable, and had incredible powers. He was corrupted by Tharok, an evil cyborg, whose continued lust for evil finally converted Validus to the evil outlook.

Now, I am not sure which role Limbaugh and his audience have taken, and perhaps they are interchangeable.  My largest concern is that Limbaugh is becoming unstable, and extremely ugly speaking.  There are enough of the audience to take his suggestions into a more physical manifestation, I fear.  He feeds on the audience, and they feed on him.  Cults of personality rarely turn out well.

This man is dangerous.  Please write his sponsors and tell them that you will not purchase their products until they stop sponsoring his broadcast, and write your local radio stations and tell them that you will not buy products from the local advertisers the same thing.

Yes, I am calling for a boycott.  Why not?  To reward the sponsors of a very, very disturbed man with your money is not wise.

As always, comments and criticism are very welcome.

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  1. try to stop a very unstable, hateful person from spewing venom?

    Warmest regards,


  2. you see it’s not so much that he might be a closeted self denying gay as it is implying it’s a bad thing to be gay.

    Or perhaps it’s like admitting W is a Methodist (not anymore) and a History major.

    There are some people you don’t want to be identified with.

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