GOP House Rep thinks Bush might have caused 9/11

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   If Republicans and Fox News pundits were embarrassed about looking like birthers, loony bins and white supremacists, well, they just got a whole lot more to worry about.

    Recently, a truther organization called “We Are The Change” spoke to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) – a friend of (Glenn) Beck and a frequent guest on his show – about reopening an investigation into 9/11. Chaffetz agreed with the activist, and even noted that he had spoken to professor Steven Jones, leading 9/11 truther, who Chaffetz said had done “interesting work”

     Houston, we have a WTF.

A transcript and more below the fold.

   Q: A reopening into the investigation of 9/11?

   CHAFFETZ: Well there’s a lot we still need to learn. Of course we want to look into that issue, look at every aspect of it. […] Who was the BYU professor? […] Steve Jones, yeah I’ve met with him. He’s done some interesting work.

   Q: Have you given much thought to the possibility it was a false flag terrorist attack on 9/11?

   CHAFFETZ: Well I know there’s still a lot to learn about what happened and what didn’t happen, we should be vigilant and continue to investigate that, absolutely.

   Q: Appreciate that. We at We Are The Change believe it was a false flag terrorist attack, that the buildings came down with internally placed demolition.

    This is what happens, Larry. This is what happens when you use a LIE FACTORY like Fox to distort the truth to the point where even your own guys don’t know what the hell they are talking about. This is what happens when you believe your own fail and balanced spin. This is what happens when every death panel, every wild batshit claim, every fear tactic possible is doublethinked into your world. All that is left for the GOP are the lizard people. They have used up all of the big conspiracy theories, and Rep. Chaffetz is NOT alone on the right in thinking that anything is possible, even the outside of reality stuff.

    Recently, Beck repeatedly denounced tea party activist Debra Medina – a contender for the Texas gubernatorial nomination – for having 9/11 truther views.

     After this incident with Debra Medina went so far to ban birthers AND truthers all at once. That is some bold Republican leadership right there, even if it is a few YEARS too late. I wonder how many elected Republicans are banned from RedState now? And I’m sure it made Glenn Beck mad.

     Because if anything makes Glenn Beck mad, it is when someone says something totally crazy, depraved, hateful and conspiratorial . . . . and their name is not Glenn Beck.

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    Glenn Beck has bashed truthers in the past, including WH Green Jobs Czar Van Jones who once signed a petition demanding another investigation into 9/11. I am sure Beck will demand that Chaffetz resigns just like how Sarah Palin chastised Rush Limbaugh when he used the word “retard” over 40 times a day or so after Sarah demanded Rahm Emanuel resignation for using the same word.

     But what am I thinking? That is reality based stuff. We are talking about new Republican ideas, which consists of Reagan’s platform from 30 years ago and every crazy conspiracy you can find that might make a Democrat seem dangerous or un-american.

    But when Republicans start playing with the idea that George Bush allowed 9/11 to happen or worse, that is when you know that the looney tune train has left the WTF building.

    So what is next in your vault of crackpot theories, dear Conservative mental cases? Is Obama a lizard person? A Hitler clone from Kenya with computer chips embedded in his brain that will make him control our thoughts unless we wear tin hats? Maybe Obama and Nancy Pelosi are pod people from the planet Karl Marx. Who the fuck cares what Republicans say anymore. Let’s not bother even trying to talk to these paranoid, uninformed, stupid, shitbrained, compulsive liars. Fuck bipartisanship with flat out crazy assholes like these guys. We might as well try arguing with the dining room table.

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  1. I’ll be waiting for GOP leadership to demand Chaffetz’s resignation any moment now

  2. is right two time a day, or something like that. Hey, I think it was a Cheney/Bush job that they outsourced to Bin Laudin/ Goldstein. We have after all always been at war with Eurasia, and we need a siege mentality and an enemy for our perpetual wars. It keeps the population in a state of fear and hate. More willing to abandon all rights and social justice in exchange for security from the bogeymen who might light their privates on fire. Truth is often stranger then CT.      

    Neither the Republicans or the Democrats want any investigation it would conflict with the narrative they present as reality. The crazy wing nuts can’t even tell a plausable CT from a Lizard People theory. They are just one big crazy. I’m tired of hearing about them and feel they are just a political distraction that enables the freakin government to scare the crap out of sane people, like they use the terrorists. That’s my CT regarding the small percentage bat shit crazies that are all over the news every single day. I’m sticking with it regardless of it’s veracity.      

  3. redstate bans 911 truthers

    dailykos bans 911 truthers

    eurotrib bans 911 truthers

    Debra Medina is against Bilderberg owned Rick Perry.

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