eat me.

eat me.

Jesus said it.

eat my flesh: he urged it, beseeched it.

because without it, he said, we will not live . . .

eat me. then.

deplete me of everything.

drain me.

in this moment, what more have i to offer?

for i only have this moment to offer it.

else i’m gone, turned to dust.

elemental once again.

but now. i tell you: eat me.

use me up.

i haven’t things. nothing of shape or physical dimension.

it’s not bread or wine

it isn’t even eternal life

eat me, he said, for i can lift you up. and maybe that’s all he really meant.

to live, to be nourished is to live…

…with decency.

…with faith in the decency of fellow earthlings

…with the grace to evoke dignity in others

anger begets anger.

hate begets hate.

there is only one way.

Love. Love the idea of life.

Love all ALL of the animals. The sea. The air.

Wind and rain. Snow and sleet.

The moon. The sun. Clouds in dusky sky.

Rain, grass, silver snail trails,

and the people in our lives.

eat me then. i would gladly let go

to leave something left for those who follow

for those who ever after shall follow us . . .


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    • pfiore8 on February 8, 2010 at 00:06

    • Edger on February 8, 2010 at 00:22

    Maybe purr all over you instead? 😉

    • RiaD on February 8, 2010 at 00:30


    left for me today:

    a few quotes from one of the old books I’ve run across. The book is called “Thoughts Twice-Dyed” by Fr. Vincent McNabb and was written in 1930 and published in England. Its a tiny book with great big thoughts.

    Art is beauty made a Sacrament. Art is finite human expression made infinite by love.

    Even as Philosophy is not so much Truth known but Truth loved, so is Art not so much Beauty achieved but Beauty loved.

    Artists are, or should be, not workers but wooers of beauty. This ensures a place amongst the Communion of Artists for those passionate wooers of beauty who have been trained in heart but not in hand or eye.

    Beauty is the radiance of truth; the fragrance of goodness. Beauty if it is not truth militant, is truth invincible.

    Beauty is a way to God; perhaps it is the way most trodden by simple feet. Along the way of Beauty God does not drive souls to a conclusion; He, the fairest of the Sons of men, lures them to His hiding place behind the clouds, within the sun.

    just hmmmmmmm.



  1. bite me, puke me.  That’s the 4 you need to cover.  Good prose.  

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