This morning about 4:00 a.m., I was gloriously asleep.  I have become an insomniac, probably due to worries and aging.  So when I get a solid five hours – it’s heavenly.  So there I was sleeping for a change, instead of watching the Russian news channel or worrying about my snow removal bills when I felt something wet on my face.  I turned and opened an eye and both of my dogs were pressed to my bed watching me closely.  What’s wrong?  What’s up?  Is someone at the door?  They both jumped on the bed and from that position stared at my face.  (Buster put his face under my arm like he does when his nefarious enemy, the German Shephard, George, walks by our window.) They wouldn’t move as I tried to sit up – and then – the bed started shaking as though someone was pulling it toward the window.  The dogs remained quiet but drew closer.  Oh it couldn’t be – an earthquake in Chicago, no!  

But indeed it was, about 4am the suburbs of Chicago felt a 4.3 earthquke – epicenter about 50 miles northwest in Sycamore/Virgil, Illinois.  I checked out the weather channel immediately and there it was. No damage reported. Then – back to the Russian channel where I feel more at home.

Two things:  I have something to add to my list of worries: an earthquake.  And aren’t dogs wonderful!

Three things actually:  Looks like that five hours will be an even more rare and beautiful thing in my dream future.  


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  1. Here’s a little more info on the quake FWIW.  

    …The quake was felt over a wide area — from Wisconsin to Tennessee — but there were no reports of any damage so far, according to the Kane County and DeKalb County sheriff’s departments, which are closest to the epicenter…”We got hundreds of calls,” said DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott. “But we have no reports of damage or injuries.”

    The nature of the fault activity that caused the quake was unclear, Vaughn said. Past quakes that have affected southern Illinois have been in the Wabash Valley or New Madrid seismic zones.

    The fault systems in northern Illinois are not as well understood as those in other regions where earthquakes are more common, and more investigation will be needed to determine the cause of this morning’s temblor, Vaughan said.


    I’ve seen reports of mild midwestern earthquakes from time to time.  They’ve been mild quakes, and usually with little damage.

    • Diane G on February 10, 2010 at 17:25

    and thought it odd. I remember one here in the 80’s, so I thought, “No way, was that a tremor?”

    Went right back to sleep.

    Imagine my surprise, when I turned on the news…. but theoretically we weren;t supposed to feel it this far away.

    Go figure.

  2. I slept right through the “quake” (live in far south suburbs).  I went to bed somewhat content knowing that D.C. was buried under snow — just thinking about all them critters in the gov. having a little drudgery to deal with helped me to sleep well.  😉

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