Don’t Close Gitmo? Don’t Prosecute in U.S. Courts? Don’t Hold in U.S. Prisons if Guilty?

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That’s what we hear from many, most on a certain side of the political spectrum in this country as to those being held in the Guantanamo Prison. This is only one of the recruiting tools, there are now many, used by the criminal element known as ‘terrorist’ and for probably more then one group but the best known is the ghost enemy al Qaeda.

Most held for years in Gitmo have been released, this after renditions and imprisonment in secret prisons as well as Gitmo, many tortured during their captivity under the guise of seeking intelligence on the criminal terrorist element that knows no borders nor just one nation state.

Why is it we don’t hear anything from those same voices of so called defenders of this Country as to the War Criminals: The Monster Next Door? There is one well known ‘terrorist’ and living in this country for decades, more on him after the recent report as to the previous subject title.

I caught the story about this potential criminal to his country and the people of a few days back, with it was the following video report as well:

From the report:

Somali General Mohamed Ali Samantar

Foreign strongmen accused of rights abuses retire quietly in U.S. suburbs.

For many, mention of Somalia conjures images of a smoldering Blackhawk helicopter and AK-47-wielding pirates loaded onto an antique skiff.

What may not come to mind as quickly is the idea that the tipping point for Somalia’s downward spiral into an international no-go zone may have come decades before U.S. troops landed on a Somali beachfront in the mid 1990s. It may have come during the regime of military dictator Siad Barre.

Barre and the men under him have been accused by the United Nations of committing horrific war crimes throughout the ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s that the country is still reeling from.


But shockingly, along with refugees and victims of war crimes, some alleged war criminals themselves have emigrated to the United States, escaping retribution for the monstrous acts they may have committed at home.


“The issue here is whether Gen. Samantar is held to be subject to U.S. laws while he’s living in this country,” said Pamela Merchant, executive director of the CJA.

According the Merchant, Samantar is one of possibly 1,000 alleged war criminals living here in the United States. The CJA’s main mission is to hold the suspects responsible for the atrocities they are alleged to have committed in their foreign countries.

“I think the first time you realize that somebody’s living in your community that was responsible for serious human rights abuses, it can be shocking,” Merchant said.


“He was in charge of the military,” she said. “He was the person who could stop it.”  >>>>>

Got that figure, some 1,000 alleged war criminals, of other countries, live here in the United States! They may not be subject to trial by the courts here for their alleged crimes against humanity done in their own countries under the brutal dictatorships they served!

Yet we grabbed people, supposedly and well used, off the battlefields of the occupied countries our soldiers are still being sent into. Thing is many were grabbed in places like Pakistan not a battlefield nor occupied until recently with drone attacks and the word soldiers were killed within those borders. Others were picked up from other countries many we don’t even know about because of the secret prisons in willing countries that practice torture!

Yet we don’t even hear crickets from the self proclaimed ‘Strong on National Defense’ crowd about these alleged criminals who have been immigrating here for decades under friendly terms!

Now more is finally coming forward about this particular brutal alleged human rights criminal, and guess what:

The War Criminal Next Door

Virginia resident Mohamed Ali Samantar oversaw a reign of terror in Somalia. Will the Supreme Court grant him immunity?

Yep you read that correctly, reason I put it in bold so you wouldn’t miss it.

After catching this this morning I looked around abit, crickets were even silent on this, but there could still be found numerous replies to articles about the Austin terror attack defending the lilly white domestic criminal terrorist who went after the IRS and killed a brother ‘Nam Vet, little mention of the brother Vernon Hunter IRS worker.

Supporting an alleged war criminal’s bid to evade accountability is surely not a popular stance. But when the Supreme Court took up the case of Somali General Mohamed Ali Samantar last fall, an odd coalition of defenders emerged. Among them were the government of Saudi Arabia, various pro-Israel groups, and three former US attorneys general. At stake is whether foreign officials can be sued in US courts for human rights abuses, or whether they are protected by a swath of immunity that shields them from answering for even the most heinous acts. Supporters of Samantar’s position contend that if the Supreme Court rules against him, it could leave officials from Saudi Arabia, Israel, the US, and elsewhere vulnerable to an avalanche of lawsuits. And the case raises major foreign policy questions, particularly as the Obama administration wages an aggressive fight against terrorism around the world.


“He was the dictator’s enforcer,” says J. Peter Pham, the director of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy’s Africa Project. Samantar moved to the US in 1997 and for years has battled a lawsuit by alleged victims of the regime’s abuses-who collectively tell of torture, rape, extrajudicial killings, wanton imprisonment, and the abduction of family members who were never heard from again. Samantar’s lawyers argue that he’s immune from such suits under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA), a 1976 law that, with some exceptions, protects countries (and any “agency or instrumentality” of those nations) from being sued in US courts. The high court will consider whether or not Samantar’s claim of immunity is valid when it hears oral arguments on March 3.  (An attorney for Samantar did not respond to an interview request.) >>>>>

Many are arguing against Federal Trials of alleged and some all ready known to be criminal terrorist being held in Guantanamo especially within the borders of the United States, yet this accused brutal being is given a Supreme Court date to find out if he can be held accountable for his alleged crimes and being sought by those he ordered them against who have also immigrated here to live in peace!

I’ve always wondered what happened to Saddams henchmen of torture and crimes, one of the many reasons given to invade and occupy, wonder if any are among the suspected thousand living here now.

Petraeus backs closing Guantanamo, limits on harsh interrogation

Army Gen. David Petraeus, the Pentagon’s top commander of forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, said Sunday he still supports closing the prison camps at Guantanamo and is not troubled by President Barack Obama’s inability to do so by a Jan. 22 deadline.

Petraeus, answering questions on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, also said he did not believe that the use of Bush-era harsh interrogation tactics on captives taken in the ongoing U.S. military offensive in Afghanistan against the Taliban would produce better intelligence. >>>>>

Now at the same time the above started showing I ran across an older report that brought into the light one of our real long time known ‘criminal terrorist’ living comfortably here in the U.S. Trial against Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles Postponed Once More

February 24, 2007 The decision of judge Kathleen Cardone of postponing once again the trial against terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and to set May 20 as the day for the hearing

where the date will be determined has been described as the height of arrogance. Postponed

three times, the trial had been scheduled for March 1st.


Jean-Guy Allard explains that the terrorist’s defense lawyers want to justify Posada’s crimes based on the fact that he was following orders from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), while the Attorney General’s office affirms that the reference to these links is not pertinent to the study of the 11 charges presented, which means a chain of time-wasting procedures during which the criminal enjoys freedom.>>>>>

Posada has more lives then twenty cats, lived very well and comfortably for many years in the U.S. then finally arrested after it was once again brought to light that he was here and safe and sound, back in the bush jr. years. Many suspect, who’ve followed this, that he was being protected by the sr bush and those around him, from even before the Reagan years. Much has been written about Posada but little in the so called mainstream.

And a more recent report:

Judge Postpones Posada Carriles Trial

February 20, 2010

Posada is accused of perjury and obstruction of justice in the case of the attacks on Cuban hotels in 1997 and lying to the immigration authorities about his illegal entry into the US in 2005

The former CIA operative, who has bragged of masterminding the bombing of a civilian Cuban airplane in 1976 that killed 73 persons, lives in Miami, Florida.

Posada and another Cuban exile, Orlando Bosch >>>>>

And from where else Miami:

Cuban killer Luis Posada Carriles goes on trial

February 23, 2010

Luis Posada Carriles

Inside a festooned clubhouse in Westchester, a handsome 82-year-old in a dark suit smiles and points an index finger skyward. Though light is dim, his blue eyes, bushy gray brows, and estimable paunch are evident. Speaking quietly to a few sycophants, he appears a typical senescent guajiro, with one exception: His arms, chest, and jaw are covered with scars, the result of assassins’ bullets.

He’s Luis Posada Carriles, Cuban exile hero, ex-CIA agent, and legendary terrorist.

The alleged murderer of at least 74 innocents will go on trial soon in Texas, though a judge last week delayed the case. Watch for it. If he’s found innocent, it will signal the government’s ineptitude, hypocrisy, and corruption. And even if there’s a conviction, the penalty will likely be minimal, and the effect on the upcoming trial of the 9/11 killers could be significant. >>>>>

Want to find out more about our Legendary Friend and Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles you can find it here and in other search results you might want to do, or you can wait for the many writings that will be sure to come if he does ever go to trial, they’ll probably be from all the same sources and in replies we’ve been seeing to many’s new hero the Austin ‘domestic criminal terrorist’ who flew his quarter million dollar plane into the IRS office building after evading taxes for years and killed our ‘Nam brother Vernon Hunter in his twilight years after retiring with twenty years military service and still serving at the IRS setting up easy payments for those who fell behind in their tax payments.


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    • TMC on February 25, 2010 at 04:20

    negotiating with Lindsay Graham over anything let alone detentions and prosecutions.

    Fresh Off Negotiations w/Rahm, Lindsey Graham Demands Military Commissions AND Indefinite Detention

    guess, once Rahm Emanuel designated  him the Acting Attorney General, Lindsey Graham realized he could demand even more from the Administration. Because now he is saying  he will only support closing Gitmo if he can also pass a law authorizing indefinite detention.


    “I’ve been talking to the administration for the last couple of days. I’m encouraged that we’re going to sit down and do some of the hard things we haven’t done as a nation after September 11.””I think we need to change our laws to give our judges better guidance- rules of the road,” Graham said. “We need a statute to deal with that.”


       While Graham has long favored closing Guantanamo, he said Monday that his support for doing so is contingent on a new law to govern the detention of those the government wants to keep in custody outside the criminal justice system. He also said that, with such a statute in place, he could support Obama’s plan to convert a state prison in Illinois to a federal facility for former Guantanamo inmates.

       “I think Thomson, Ill., in the hands of the military, could become a secure location,” he said. “My view is we can start to close Guantanamo only after we reform our laws.” [my emphasis]

    • TMC on February 25, 2010 at 04:26

    on Rahm Emanuel who is not a lawyer dealing away Civilian Law

    In her piece on Holder’s efforts to uphold the rule of law last week, Jane Mayer explained that Rahm Emanuel opposed the idea of civilian trials for the 9/11 plotters because it would piss off Lindsey Graham.


    Emanuel, who is not a lawyer, opposed Holder’s position on the 9/11 cases. He argued that the Administration needed the support of key Republicans to help close Guantánamo, and that a fight over Khalid Sheikh Mohammed could alienate them. “There was a lot of drama,” the informed source said. Emanuel was particularly concerned with placating Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from South Carolina, who was a leading proponent of military commissions, and who had helped Obama on other issues, such as the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. “Rahm felt very, very strongly that it was a mistake to prosecute the 9/11 people in the federal courts, and that it was picking an unnecessary fight with the military-commission people,” the informed source said. “Rahm had a good relationship with Graham, and believed Graham when he said that if you don’t prosecute these people in military commissions I won’t support the closing of Guantánamo. . . . Rahm said, ‘If we don’t have Graham, we can’t close Guantánamo, and it’s on Eric!’ ”

       At Emanuel’s urging, Holder spoke with Graham several times. But they could not reach an agreement. Graham told me, “It was a nonstarter for me. There’s a place for the courts, but not for the mastermind of 9/11.” He said, “On balance, I think it would be better to close Guantánamo, but it would be better to keep it open than to give these guys civilian trials.” Graham, who served as a judge advocate general in the military reserves, vowed that he would do all he could as a legislator to stop the trials. “The President’s advisers have served him poorly here,” he said. “I like Eric, but at the end of the day Eric made the decision.” Last week, Graham introduced a bill in the Senate to cut off funding for criminal trials related to 9/11. [my emphasis]

  1. Thanks for an illuminating diary.

    Posada has been in the news every few years for more than twenty years.

    What power does he hold over others, to keep evading justice.

    • jimstaro on February 25, 2010 at 16:17

    • jimstaro on February 25, 2010 at 16:18

    More then mercs, a Criminal Enterprise on the Public Dole, the Very Profitable Dole!!!

    War Profiteers at the Cost of our Military Soldiers!!

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