Democrats: All you have to do is FIGHT

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The American people are disgusted by their government.

They are disgusted by The Republicans and they are disgusted by the Democrats.

But mostly they are disgusted at watching everything they are working SO hard for …just slip away… as the people who are supposed to protect them and help them DO NOTHING.

Yes the Republicans are to blame.

They have essentially shut down the government ….again. They are selfish, slimy despicable, mean and incredibly destructive. They are cowardly, lying bullies. The American people hate them.

And there is only one thing the American People hate more than cowardly lying bullies.

People who lie down and roll over to cowardly lying bullies and let them take their lunch money.


If you had a choice between either voting for cowardly lying bullies or voting for someone who lets a cowardly lying bully beat them up every goddam day and never fight back…..who would you vote for?

That is the choice the American voter faces in November.

That is the ONLY reason any swing election will be close this year.

The Republicans have a tiny base, a horrible record, no money, no ideas, no solutions….nothing. And the voters KNOW this. Yet they have no real choice. Vote for the bully, or vote for the victim of the bully who gets rolled every frikking time. When they aren’t busy running from the fight or hiding under their desks, that is.

Their is only one thing the Democrats have to do to change that, to BREAK the hold of the bully and get our government working for the American People again.


Call them out for what they are and stand up to the cowardly lying bullies. And start fighting for the American People. Fighting for the little guys.

Like they USED TO.


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  2. Implicit in the “Democrats aren’t fighting” argument is the impression that one still identifies as a Democrat and just wants the Democrats to do the right thing, the thing that we think they would do if only they were strong enough.

    And it’s the only kind of thing that would fly at the GOS.  So I understand the reasoning.

    But I’ve seen too much, and apparently Greenwald has as well, to believe anymore that the Democrats aren’t “fighting” because they’re weak or scared.

    No, what they’re doing is worse than that.  Apparently, the highest levels of the Democratic Party have decided that the entire Democratic Party platform is a useful ruse, to keep the people voting for them on one set of principles whereas they have a completely different set of principles and ideas for what they want to do with the country.

    Republicans are indeed all of the above but they only got that way because there has been nothing of note to check them from the left in terms of our corrupt media and corrupt Democratic Party .. when one party slides to the right, it’s simply an open invitation for the other party to slide even further to the right.

    Republicans lie about things like facts and ideas.  The Democratic Party leadership lies about their entire raison d’ etre.

    As to whether “the people” could hold them to account in the usual ways our government holds out with a wink and a snicker as acceptable for us, I just don’t know anymore.  All the politicians are laughing at the foolish little people who vote for them over and over again despite being stabbed in the back, but losing one’s seat is not necessarily the sanction it once was.

    In both the Democratic Party and the Republican, what we see year after year is the same faces over and over again.  Bill Clinton’s presidency ended in 2000, but we still see the Clintons.

    Yeah, it’s now Hillary Clinton and not Bill Clinton, and now it’s Secretary of State and not President.  

    Many of the people in George W. Bush’s two presidential terms were people we’ve seen in office for twenty or thirty years — some of them even involved in illegalities back then.  It’s all a literal kabuki, where you have the same players playing different roles.  People feel the eerie sense of reliving the Clinton third way presidency partly because many of the same actors just put on different makeup for the new play.

    But most importantly, the philosophies live on.  Most perniciously among Democrats, the philosophy that our people in Washington are royalty to “give” us, the people, something, as if bestowing a beatitude.  While the people are serfs and that which they get if anything is a gift or an “entitlement” and not their righteous due as the true entity to which power devolves.  The diary you link to exemplifies that sneering attitude in spades.

    America changes, but Washington does not.  Adopting “change we can believe” as a campaign slogan in is possibly the most cynical destructive thing Obama could have done, given how he has run his presidency.  Destroyer of Hope, I name him.

  3. Im not even done watching it!!

  4. “Fighting” for what you believe in is WRONG, budhy!  Wrong wrong wrong.  Because fighting is BAD.

    And if you don’t agree, I’m going to fight you about it!  Even to the extent of dogging your every living footstep to harass you about whatever words I pick up that you say might be pickable, because I don’t like you.

    But I’m not fighting you.  Because fighting is bad.

    Also, when the Democrats are working with the Republicans, bipartisanly, to do what the Republicans want, this is ok, because fighting is bad.  Only when the election comes up, we need you to fight for the Democrats.  I know, I just said fighting is bad.  But just that once, fighting is ok.  Because.

    Furthermore, not voting for or giving money to Democrats is cowardice and capitulation.  But not cowardice and capitulation in a fighting sense.  Because you are afraid, not the Democrats.  Afraid to … uh, oppose.  I guess.  Because fighting is bad!  But you are still a traitor.  None of those words, though … “cowardice”, “capitulation”, or “traitor” should be taken in a fighting sense.  Because fighting is bad.  The Democrats aren’t scared or weak.  They’re nice.  And you should be nice too.  Except to Republicans, at election time.

    No, if the Democrats don’t get things done in Congress, it’s because the American people expect bipartisanship, and the Democrats are just doing what the American people expect — which is to do nothing.  BUT, if you criticize the Democrats, you are fighting.  With them.  And fighting is bad.  Unless at election time, when YOU are supposed to fight to get Democrats elected.  But only then.

    • robodd on February 24, 2010 at 22:55

    in the fact to fight back.

    • rossl on February 25, 2010 at 01:09
  5. like hell all of them. They are having  hard time as the people aren’t buying their bad Kabuki having lived through and finally rejected the Cheney regime’s version of this game. I do believe we’ve had enough. The mountain of faux dry powder will never get fired it is/was just for show. They don’t even need to point to it as good ‘chemistry’ and by-partisan unity will make us all love paying the IRS for some good junk insurance, it’s a sacrifice we must make for the profit of the wealth creators. Each day more and more really creepy things are trotted out by the Democratic pols and called reform or necessary or winning. They are too busy fighting to implement their masters changes which need to be sealed signed and delivered so they can get their next cash installment. The Law and the people are just an obstacle to be tamed with rhetoric and message, so send out Obama and he will fight the evil partisans and the assorted irreponsible ‘fucking r***rds’.            


  6. Seems like the system is broken.  The Democrats are in the position to make the right decisions and they’re still not doing it.  Too much lobbying going on?  Is there such thing as an honest politician?

  7. The mistake people make in their thinking is that Obama is too timid to fight.

    Actually, Obama is fighting. He’s fighting real hard. He is fighting for the status-quo, for the murderous War Establishment, for the crooked Banking Oligarchy, and for the Insurance Monopoly, both by choice and by intent.

    He rehired Bush’s own War Secretary (in defiance of his own Election mandate) to just continue the failed and bankrupt shellgame of perpetual and endless Wars and Foreign-Occupations/Detentions/etc.

    He explicitly barred and banned all of the Medical-For-All groups from having any participation or representation whatsoever in shaping any of the proposals for Health Care Reform. None are represented even today in his so-called HCR “summit”.

    He browbeat the Congress into denying and dropping the simple reimportation of cheaper Generic drugs, after meeting privately with Big Pharma.  He also has made it a crime to refuse to be raped by the Health Insurance Monopolies, and wants to fine the victims of this corrupt system. Obama only “wants to hear your ideas” if it comes from the lips of Big Insurance/Big Pharma.  

    Obama is fighting here at screwing the middle-class every day, and every step of the way.

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