Autism Link Found

And it is not even the mercury.  An unlikely source stumbles upon a link to autism because people complained enough.…

I don’t know but when I was a kid we actually got measles.  I don’t recall anybody dying.

More globalist Illuminati scumbag news below.

From we have

Yes the UN is directing US Gun confiscation efforts.…

Nine year old “terrorizes” school with 2 inch plastic GIJoe gun.…

And WTF is up with the cyborgspeak of PS52?

Scroll down to check out the corpo-fascist Internet 2 everybody is NOT talking about.  Good luck, I won’t copy the link here as it barfed my computer twice.

Waiting on the Black helicopters and off to feed the apocalyptic horses.


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  1. Since I have a boxer dog with dementia I am thinking buildup of chemical toxins in the body over time.

  2. We’ll see how it plays out.  

  3. … yes, an autism link has been found, in that mothers with certain auto immune diseases are more likely to have offspring with other auto immune diseases,  but the boy- girl imbalance can be explained by females tend to inherit the genetics predisposing them to celiac/gluten intolerance, and males tend to inherit the genetics predisposing them to be more likely to be autistic. With crossovers.  Diabetes, celiac, autism-  all tend to run in families.

    Year- round Refrigeration of human edible foods, antibiotics, vaccines, the concept of germ theory/handwashing with clean water and soap-  all of this has just been invented in the past hundred years.  And because this changes who survives infancy to grow to adulthood and reproduce, because now almost all babies survive to adulthood, it is going to make it seem like there’s an increased incidence of auto immune diseases-  but how do we know if there is, because these children could have been dying of something else in the time before the invention of electricity ?  

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