America’s Cup

So what do I know about The America’s Cup?

And now you know that too.

You clicked the link and read it, right?

So this year’s below the radar challenge is Alinghi v. Oracle/BMW.  Partisan that I am I have to hope that Oracle wins and returns the race to it’s traditional Louis Vuitton Cup & Defender Regatta format that makes for interesting racing because he who holds the Cup makes the rules.

Except when they are challenged in court as contrary to the deed of gift, which this year has shifted the site from Abu Dhabi in the mine infested and aptly named Persian Gulf (and anyone who thinks we won’t lose a war with Iran is just stupid) to Valencia, Spain where at least we won’t have to worry about hostage taking or boats being blown up.

That was an Alinghi idea.

As is removing the Challenger series (a landlocked nation of Templar Bankers could hardly hold a Defender series).

One idea I agree with is removing design restrictions.  Formula 1 is a shadow of it’s former self in the name of parsimonious racing rules- no better than bumper car NASCAR and bettered by CART until the money ran out and they couldn’t get a TV deal.

Oh, did I mention it’s only available by streaming video on the internet?

But the money here is is limited only by your imagination and billions have been spent on both sides to produce their one off technological triumphs.

Alinghi is sporting a twin hull catamaran (a redundancy).  Oracle a huge trimaran (single hull, out-riggers on both sides) with the largest sail ever.

Or more correctly a semi-rigid airfoil.

In races like this the dominant technology tends to assert itself early and just pile up the advantage so it’s hugely boring to watch.  We should know actually on the first upwind lap and then have it reinforced.

I don’t actually know how many laps they have to make and there are only three races overall.  The only random factors are equipment failures, weather, and stupidity.

Streaming video at CupInfo

Streaming video at BMW/Oracle


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  1. Apparently the big windup is starting now on the BMW/Oracle link.

  2. It’s very odd to have them contending for my computer.

    I’m going with CupInfo.

  3. …. it’s getting sleepytime, but somewhere in the ocean, a boat is going to be missing its mast and have the great white sharks circling when we wake up in the am ?

  4. evidently I fell asleep waiting for them to suspend racing.

    Next try Wednesday.


    USA, USA!

    And the Bunny Cheerleaders go wild.

    • TMC on February 8, 2010 at 17:20

    Needless to say the exuberance of an American team from a former disaster area winning a championship resulted in an influx of trauma cases here. 6 shootings..I’m most likely going to eat something and go to bed.  

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