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When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way


This isn’t really about being a visionary, even though I am a visionary.  I’m not claiming to be an impressive or gifted visionary, just that I have visions.  Honest.  No bigee.

I’ve been both writing and talking about a level of politics I’ve never had the stomach for, power politics.  Well I don’t even know if that label is correct.

And this ties in somehow with jeffroby’s Full Court Press.

It’s unavoidable for me not to bring some meta into this.  And one of my visions.  So that’s why I’m putting this part under the flip, it’s “p.m.” kinda writing.  Yeah.

We now know that the Dem establishment is trying to get rid of the leftys.  Of course when I say “leftys,” my personal little corner of that universe is the blogs.  So I don’t really mean Chomski or classical historical lefty even though that is an integral part of the mindset of a lefty in my view.  But ultimately that’s just a label, and looking back at how they used to do things, though helpful, won’t solve the problems of now which need fresh expression.

So the Dem establishment, now that it got some power, wants to get rid of leftys.

Whatever coalition we had seems to be a tad frayed.

I’m not going to link here because this is purely visionary view and can never be supported by links, facts or even reason.

But EdEncho wrote a long essay basically telling the left “FUCK YOU!”

Inky has been writing anger-filled posts that got him suspended from the rigid authoritarian blog that is Docudharma.  Same with Underdog.  And DianeG as best supporting actress (nice shoes!), but she has her own blog/power base which is another story.

Touque de Ville told me I was fat.  Ok, he didn’t tell me I was fat.  But he was pissed off.

And amid all this the earthquake in Haiti, where TheMomCat just happened to go and she was here at DD talking to Lady Libertine when the earthquake hit.

And somehow Cass Sunstein figures into all of this.

How is this a vision?

My vision of power politics is studded with Western mythology of feudal European times – power there for the taking and how it got took, visions of ancient China after the destruction of a pretty old empire, and Confucius wandering around picking up the shards of the treasures of culture and wisdom to preserve for thousands of years even to this day, power we say we don’t want, oh no, as we’re strangling each other for every last bit.

jeffroby pointed out to both Heather and me our reluctance to be “leaders,” in one of his essays (or the constellation of essays that has grown out of his project).

We don’t need to lust after power or fear it.  But we have it whether we like it or not.  


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  1. … is neutral territory.”

  2. we have to be wary of fat leaders who reluctantly strangle each other for power?

    I’m confused.

    Maybe Calico can explain this to me, she’s a good explainer.

  3. Im a little confused too.

    Earlier today I dropped this comment in the wrong place. heh. Bread crumb to remind myself to go back tomorrow and read this piece by Chris Hayes: System Failure.

  4. so where is everybody?!? lol


  5. ….   I don’t even think it’s the majority of Dems who are aware at all of what is going  on, it’s just this tiny subgroup that’s making a whole lot of noise and has studied very carefully how to take over some blogs and how to co opt some political parties.  Abuse abuses abuse…. harass, deny, pick off, and then carrot carrot.  Lather rinse repeat.

    I’ve posted on other boards on other topics.  The equine boards tend to be littered with conservatives and even wingers if they are southern. One time years ago, I saw a social gathering pic of the posters from one board, who had been giving me the most crap (they were Deb Bennett groupies, she’s this very large academic writer, who pontificates about equine physiology and dressage riding, and how larger humans shouldn’t ride horses as she considers it abusive, which appeals to the people trying to be thin as a social competition) and realized these people weren’t actually DOING anything much and they were faking me out.  I was speechless at the photo.  I’m not talking just large sized because I’ve seen and known many people more generously sized who were wonderful riders.  But I’ve never seen a group of people who looked less likely to have ever actually gotten on a horse. There’s this whole big drama on a lot of boards on what is and what is not animal abuse. The crazy ones will insist that everybody else is abusing their animals while describing their own creatures doing what is clearly neurotic things.  If you can understand non verbal communication you can get along great with horses if you can think like one.  They were stuck in their childhoods mentally, nothing was their fault, and kept trading horses like shoes.  I thought, it’s hopeless,  the most popular people on the internets are not the ones actually interacting successfully every day with equines but they ‘ve got the internet social skills to survive down pat.

    I suspect that is what is going on here. LOL. Can you see some of these guys actually canvassing. LOL.  They’d have entire phonebanks marching back out the door going “I’m not taking this anymore.”  I bet they are great at their day jobs, tho.

    Politicians work off of polls and work real hard to massage the MSM by socializing, so I doubt they know or care about this, but the Republicans are certainly thinking they can rebound.

    • Heather on January 16, 2010 at 20:21

    and moved my teeny tiny money to a teeny tiny bank. lol

    Coalitions and movements and groups and even marriages are all right but I don’t trust the glue. Not even love is sticky enough. One wrong move……and you have a crooked politician, partner, leader.

    I am the most dependable person I know. Not a follower like I thought because I will carry on with or without people beside me or behind me or in front of me.

    I think I missed some stuff around here this last week.

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