Trapped in the Rubble

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In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Obama walked out of a National Security Council meeting and observed, “for a country and a people who are no strangers to hardship and suffering, this tragedy seems especially cruel and incomprehensible.”

Those words from the man at the top of America’s cruel and incomprehensible political system, from the guardian of America’s cruel and incomprehensible economic system, from the protector of America’s cruel and incomprehensible banking system must seem especially meaningless to the hundreds of millions of victims of America’s corporate wars, corporate exploitation, and corporate repression.  The devastation in Haiti, as tragic and terrible as it is, is minor compared to the devastation inflicted on a global scale, inflicted every minute of every day, inflicted on the poor and the powerless of every nation by the corporate masters of this country.  

No Richter Scale can measure their destructive impact, no words can convey the enormity of the hardship and suffering they inflict.  The death toll is in the millions, but there’s no media coverage of that catastrophe.  No one provides assistance to the victims, there are no relief efforts, there’s no help on the way for the survivors trapped in that rubble, they’re on their own . . .

We can see the corruption, we can hear the lies, we can feel the consequences closing in, we can taste the bitterness, we can smell the smoke as America burns, as the world burns, as the future itself burns.  Obama and the Democrats aren’t putting out the fire, they’re fanning the flames.  Whether that’s due to stupidity or complicity doesn’t really matter anymore.  Putting out the fire is all that matters now.  

Get ready to do that alone, because we won’t be getting any help from the Obama addicts. They overdosed on unreality long ago.  They took the poison from the poison stream, then floated out of here, floated out of reality into Obama Land, where the inhabitants see only what they want to see, where they hear only what they want to hear.  They run through the streets, with eyes cold and dead, under a black belly of cloud in the rain, in through a doorway, they give each other white golden pearls, stolen from the sea, they’re raging at “purity trolls”, they’re raging, and a storm blows up in their eyes whenever they’re confronted with the truth.    

They’re addicts.  Denial is their drug.  They’re stoned on it, they’re hooked on it, they smoke it, they inject it, they mainline it, they freebase it, whatever it takes to get baked.  They’re all dealers of denial, they’re all pushers of denial, they hook each other up, they’re wired on it, they’re all wired on it, scoring the next fix is all they care about.  Whatever the Big Man does or doesn’t do is just fine with them.



We wanted Obama to defend the Constitution and the rule of law.  We wanted the public option.  Did we ask too much?  More than a lot?  He gave us nothing, now it’s all we’ve got. He asked us to enter, but now he makes us crawl.  Well we can’t be holding on to what we’ve got, when all we’ve got is hurt.

Justice has disappeared, change has disappeared, our economy has disappeared, democracy has disappeared . . .  

But war hasn’t disappeared.

Afghanistan, our sons and daughters,

Were cut down and taken from us.

Hear their heartbeat,

We hear their heartbeat.

Iraq, our sons and daughters,

Were cut down and taken from us.

Hear their heartbeat,

We hear their heartbeat.

The criminals who sent them off to die have not been held accountable.  They will never be held accountable because Obama and Democrats in Congress are moral cowards, frauds, bricks in the wall, bricks in that corporate wall around Washington that will never come down unless we tear it down.

If you aren’t ready to do that yet, you will be.

Predators and Reapers We Can Believe In . . .

The Obama administration plans to ask Congress for an additional $33 billion to fight unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, on top of a record request for $708 billion for the Defense Department next year.  The administration’s Quadrennial Defense Review, the main articulation of U.S. military doctrine, is due to Congress on Feb. 1.

The four-year review outlines six key mission areas and spells out capabilities and goals the Pentagon wants to develop. The pilotless drones used for surveillance and attack missions in Afghanistan and Pakistan are a priority, with a goal of speeding up the purchase of new Reaper drones and expansion of Predator and Reaper drone flights through 2013.

They’ll be flying over America by then.  Predators and Reapers above the amber waves of grain.  

Civil Disturbance Planning We Can Believe In . . .

Under the heading of “civil disturbance planning”, the U.S. military is training troops and police to suppress democratic opposition in America.  The master plan, Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2, is code-named, “Operation Garden Plot”.

Equipped with flexible “military operations in urban terrain” and “operations other than war” doctrine, lethal and “less-than-lethal” high-tech weaponry, US “armed forces” and “elite” militarized police units are being trained to eradicate “disorder”, “disturbance” and “civil disobedience” in America. Further, it may very well be that police/military “civil disturbance” planning is the animating force and the overarching logic behind the incredible nationwide growth of police paramilitary units, a growth which coincidentally mirrors rising levels of police violence directed at the American people, particularly “non-white” poor and working people.

The elite military/corporate sponsors of Garden Plot have their reasons for civil disturbance contingency planning.  Lets’ call it the paranoia of the thief.   Their rationale is simple: self-preservation.  Fostering severe and targeted “austerity”, massive inequality and unbridled greed, while shifting more and more billions to the generals and the rich, the de-regulated “entities of force” and their interlocking corporate directors know quite well what their policies are engendering, namely, a growing resistance.  Consequently, they are systematically organizing to protect their interests, their profits, and their criminal conspiracies.

It’s nothing new.  It’s happened before, many times, all over the world.  It’s happening here.

Pinochet.  Allende.  Pahlavi.  Putin.

Bush.  Clinton.  Bush.  Obama.

The names are different, but the agenda is the same.  The tactics are different, but the strategy is the same.  The systems of control are different, but the consequences are the same.  When the drones start flying over America, when the sonic cannons are deployed in every city, when the cruel and incomprehensible becomes a harsh reality, when that inevitable day comes, it won’t matter anymore who you voted for, it won’t matter anymore which corporate party you supported, fighting back is all that will matter.          


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  1. They gave us nothing, now it’s all we’ve got.  

  2. As a bonafide U2 geek, I gotta tell you that I’ve seen way too many U2 fans act the very same way as the Obama fans you describe-that their band can do no wrong. Unless of course they play disco-that’s when people riot.

    I wonder what Obama’s version of the “Pop” album and tour would be. I saw PopMart, and I would pay good money to see the BHO version of “Discotheque.”

    That’s all that I can really do anymore-make comments about the most tangential, superficial aspects of any given diary. If something serious comes on TV, after all, you can always change the channel…

  3. can get far enough in our political system to get into the White House to begin with.

  4. I have also seen the device that basically microwaves you.

    These are being pumped on these shows, quite cheekily, as instruments of non-violence.  You know, to protect the demonstrators as much as the demonstrated against, to “prevent things from getting out of hand”.

    The problem is these people are fools.  The devices may be high tech, but are also highly directional and can be defeated if you know how they work.

  5. in some cases.  A belief in the system we have.  I find the comments in this particular diary typical and disgusting.  It’s not a diary per se, just a couple comments and a video of Jack Cafferty blasting Pelosi and the trip all those pols took to Copenhagen and the cost to taxpayers while people are starving.  I watched it and it seemed a topic that could be debated.  But by simply using a title of “Pelosi Must Go”, people immediately started HRing and calling troll and worse.  What makes people do that sort of thing?  Pack mentality?  I remember Cafferty getting lauded on that site when Bush was Prez.  The reactions really are no different from the rapid right as far as defensiveness and being closed minded. I see some of the comments from people that post here.

  6. we accept this… the 708 billion dollar figure and similar figures keep getting batted around by the corporate media with almost no blink of the eye?

    This is a colossal figure.  Americans need to figure out how to do some basic arithmetic even though the number seems inconceivable.

    The major media was all a-twitter about proposals a while back for saying that the health care being proposed by Democrats would cost a trillion dollars over ten years (or 900+ billion).

    This is slightly over the military budget being proposed THIS year — for ten years.

    The military is eating up even any proposed health care budget TEN TIMES OVER and no one is saying a thing.

    Put another way, the military budget for this year alone is approximately $2500 for every man, woman and child in the United States.

    And what do the Democrats propose to extract from the Pentagon in return for this?  It is being faintheartedly proposed to put a DADT repeal in the military authorization budget and this is being “considered”.  Not a deadline for finishing up and getting out of Afghanistan and/or Iraq.  Not a scaling back of unimaginably expensive high tech weapons systems.  What is being asked for in return for this — this that is paid for by nothing but an expansion of our debt which would have to be financed by countries like China or else, eventually, paid for by us.

    The hubris, chutzpah and bald faced stealing that is going on is COLOSSAL, folks.  And the mainstream media treats this as if it’s reasonable, while at the same time screaming at the top of their lungs about the costs of any action to fix our massively broken health care system which is a TENTH the cost.

    Keep in mind, No one is credibly saying that U.S. borders are being threatened by a military force.  This money is being spent in major part to hunt down people hiding in caves.

  7. here ya go: Obama Will Tap Bush and Clinton for Haiti Efforts

    President Obama is asking his two immediate predecessors – George W. Bush and Bill Clinton – to come together to lead the nation’s humanitarian and relief efforts to Haiti in the wake of the earthquake that has ravaged the Caribbean island.

    The partnership is expected to be announced by the White House in the coming days, after officials have a better handle on the full scope of the devastation. Mr. Obama called Mr. Bush on Wednesday, aides to both men said, and Mr. Bush agreed to do whatever he could to help.

    The partnership is similar to one that Mr. Clinton and former President George H.W. Bush formed five years ago after the tsunami in the Indian Ocean devastated coastal nations. The work for Haiti would mark the most public effort of the younger Mr. Bush since he left office a year ago. The range of their task would include raising money, officials said, and helping keep attention on Haiti through a long recovery process.

    wheres my barf bag.

  8. today on another site. Just a comment, mind you, that prompted a little “pootie plunge protection team” response. You get the idea.

    first comment on Docudharma. I like this stuff.  

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