Tom Friedman: Home alone.

Tom Friedman’s latest op-ed, entitled “Adults Only, Please,” surprisingly featured Tom Friedman.  Wandering from room to empty room of political discourse on the economic meltdown, Tom pauses:

Sometimes you wonder: Are we home alone?

Now I get it: Tommy finds it unnerving to be left home alone in his 11,400-foot mansion while the bad guys from Wall Street are trying to break in.  I actually sympathize with his sentiments, and suggest he begins booby-trapping the place.  

But no, Tom: Do not invite Bernanke in, no matter what he promises to do for General Growth Properties.  Hoping Bernanke will re-inflate your bubble is what you call “situational” ethics, as opposed to “sustainable” ethics, the latter of which suggests we’re all better off if you ice the steps and clock Bernanke with a can of paint.  Have fun with the bad guys!


  1. She’s just plain icky.

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