Stars on the Wall

I strongly recall the moment I first stepped into the Meeting Hall in Stars Hollow.

It’s filled with pews because they rent it out to the Congregational Church on Sundays and we are a parsimonious lot and the benches serve just as well for town meetings (for which they have the grace since I asked to remove the hymnals for).

In the lobby is a big old board I’ll never be on that records our dead in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and World War One and Two.  Kind of separate so you can see it’s an update are our Korean and Vietnam casualties.

What you don’t see are the people who died in our Native American genocide or our Colonial Wars against Spanish speaking  “brown” people (and I just have to stop and explain once again SPAIN IS PART OF EUROPE!  LOOK AT A FUCKING MAP!)


Anyway out of political correctness they’ve started to include Gulf War One (justified in my mind as the defense of the weak against the strong) and our current crusade against Islam (as doomed to defeat as all of them say I an Illuminati DeMolay Knight).

What I wonder is where we will put our stars on the wall for the CIA/Blackwater operatives who kill indiscriminately and are themselves killed in return.

Eight CIA agents were killed when a suicide bomber somehow gained access to their forward operating base near the Pakistan border. The incident made Wednesday the single bloodiest day for U.S. intelligence operatives in the eight-year Afghanistan war. The CIA has been conducting a campaign involving drone attacks on suspected, high-ranking insurgents on Pakistani soil.

The drone attacks have been responsible for the deaths of over 500 people since September of 2008. Publicly, the Pakistan government has expressed its opposition to the incursions, but it is suspected that it has surreptitiously cooperated with the CIA in organizing the attacks.

Happy New Year.


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  1. Merry, merry.

  2. reputation they deserve.

    Corrupt, ineffectual, bumbling and utterly self-absorbed, the CIA is in reality a pathetic caricature of itself.

    Quite possibly the worst intelligence agency in the history of freaking intelligence….it is better at policing US citizens than dealing with its charter….which of course is not part of its charter.

    CIA operates in an illegal capacity daily, and yet is never called upon it because it has a stellar reputation.

    Why I will never know.  They are worse than bankers at rewarding failure.  

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