Raytheon, a huge defense contractor right here in Massachusetts is hiring to beat the band.  There are even postings for a retiree rehire specialist.

Gee, I thought he won a “peace” prize.  When that happened I was elated. No, rapturous heavenly joy washed over me in the assured joy this would finally wake people up.  But no.  This time the prize is not destroying health care via a Scott Brown win.  I even saw a real billboard on mainstream TV even.  Obama as the Joker character being used against Obamacare.  What else is up for the new year?

Bankruptcies.  Lots of them and perfectly inline with the CT world’s Bilderberg group watch claiming a second, very deep depression scheduled for first quarter 2010.

The wife has also told me they have renewed the swine vaccine depopulation ad program. New spots from the CDC about empty homes if we don’t get the vaccine.  Yeah, in my cold dead arm pal.

Joe Lieberman might endorse Brown!  A much villified person, Rudy Gulliani came out for Scott so I even logged onto a red board and called such an effort a gross and retarded mistake.

Today the globalist Kenyan Muslim himself will be in Boston shilling for the  Nancy Pelosi clone Martha, to rightfully assume Ted’s seat.

Yes, dogs and cats are mating.  Earthquakes both reported and not are happening.  There are wars and rumors of wars.

More news from my homestate.

Please read and send to all you know in other states.

Coakley attended a rally in Gloucester this morning (big fishing community). I was not there but talked to Brown supporters who were. The Coakley people turned out in scant numbers and appeared “mechanical”. Brown supporters supposedly outnumbered the Coakley people at least 2:1 and their energy level was extremely high.

There was another Coakley rally at 3pm this afternoon at a local Newburyport restaurant.  The restaurant is located at the edge of a river, next to a bridge.  Brown supporters learned about the rally only last night by email.  After holding Brown signs this morning for a few hours my wife and I decided to go to this one.  

It was unbelievable.  

We got there early. People were arriving from every direction carrying Brown signs. One guy carried a 20 ft long flag pole with a massive American flag on it.  The email asked us to line up on the sidewalk of the bridge, giving us a bird’s eye view of the front door of the restaurant. Car that went by us honked and gave us thumbs up with support in huge numbers.  By the time Coakley showed up there were easily 150 of us (see attached cell phone picture) chanting “Vote Scott Brown” and banging on the guard rail which began to resonate so loudly it could be heard a block away.  There were perhaps 30 Coakley supporters holding her signs at the restaurant entrance. They just stood there and said nothing.  One guy with a Coakley sign came up on the bridge. He stayed about 5 minutes, then left.  

When Coakley showed up she quickly entered the restaurant. Some of the people holding her signs went inside but most left. We were later told they were hired.  I cannot confirm this.  Some of the people who were there for Brown went inside. Bill Hudak (the republican candidate for congress I support) and several other republican candidates were also there simply to make things “uneasy”.  A few people from the bridge infiltrated the rally that was held on the second floor in a separate room. (more about that later).  Coakley stayed about 20 minutes.  Before she left I and a few others found and blocked an obscure side road through a boat yard. Her car was forced to go out the main driveway where all the Brown people were waiting.  It was a beautiful sight. He car was surrounded by chanting Brown supporters. Not a Coakley supporter was in sight.  We completely overpowered and killed this rally.

Long after Coakley and most people left Kathy and I were in the restaurant lounge and I talked to one who had infiltrated the rally. He said it was somber. People were saying: “we’re in trouble”. Others were asking “what do you want us to do?”.  The answer was:  Keep trying to tie Scott Brown to Bush.  No wonder she left quickly.

Those outside MA can still have a big affect on this election!

TOMORROW AND MONDAY:  Call and email your senators and congressmen.  Simply say to them:  “Massachusetts. Can you hear us now?”  Vote no on the final version of HC or you’re next”.  If you do this, even if Scott Brown loses they will be so scared to vote for it they may kill it themselves.  IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIBERTY AND YOUR HEALTH CARE, PLEASE DO THIS!   AND PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.  YOU ARE WITNESSING HISTORY IN THE MAKING. MASSACHUSETTS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.  YOUR STATE COULD BE NEXT!!!!!!

Time to feed the Apocalyptic horses.


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    Why not.  The empire is falling.  

    The prospects are dim.

    Swine flu FEMA camp

    Carbon gulags

    Snow covered survivalist woods

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