Outdoor Ice Open Thread

For Undercovercalico

Fenway.  Bruins v. Flyers

All hail the Great God Citgo!


Also Capitol One, Penn State v. LSU, on ABC and Gator Bowl, West Virginia v. Florida State on CBS.

This will be Bobby Bowden s last game.


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  1. We continue your special programming.

  2. Poetry….

    I am hoping to find friends with very large TVs to watch the Winter Olympics with. Sadly most of them either own tiny TVs or none at all. I might have to park myself at a bar for the duration.

    If Canada does not avenge its mediocrity in hockey I might have to find a new sport. Gold medal or nothing.

    And from a proletarian political perspective does sports or the Olympics matter?

    Absolutely not. But then I never did fit in anybody’s boxes.

    Smooches to ya ek.

  3. I put the game on.  

    • Robyn on January 1, 2010 at 20:02
  4. Everybody realises that hockey is God’s chosen sport right? Unbelievers. Bah!

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