The Rothchild Quote

“Give me control of a nation’s money

and I care not who makes the laws.”

Why is there no change?  Why is nobody held accountable?

Is this a mainstream type financial publication suggesting that moonbat CT theory of secret Illuminati global monetary control?…

I mean, I don’t know, the article says maybe perhaps we shouldn’t start yelling Trilateral Commission or that other benign globalist organization the Council on Foreign Relations the conspriacy loons keep bringing up.

Gee, I don’t know.  You tell me.  I don’t see nuttin, duh you?


Bogus pass it now, in secret before they even read the bailout bill and under that CT reported threat of martial law in the US if they did not pass the bailout bill.


They sat there and admitted they have no idea where the money went.

How is that end the war thing going BTW.

RT 4

Free Prize

Are we going to fix the enviornment.


RT 3

A slight disconnect in the field of health care.

unicorn flu

Is there good news.  Well yes there is.  Food does still come to the supermarket.  We have not bombed Iran yet and they didn’t have the bank holiday and 10 to 1 dollar devaluation on Jan 15.


  1. http://www.treasoninamericacon

  2. founders wanted to give equal rights to the tenants and slaves and recognize land ownership of the Native Americans, or did they want it all for themselves, changing only the color of their pajamas?. Before you knew it, the English Common Law of Contract was being enforced by every Sheriff in every town, and the debtor creditor game was under way: A perfect modern replacement for feudalism.


    The American Revolution-Not Really What We’ve Been Told.

    Oh, not CT, but very insightful, for me anyway.

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