Voters handily approve both tax-hike ballot measures

By David Steves

The Register-Guard

The apparent victories for the campaigns to pass Measures 66 and 67 came after weeks of TV ads promising that the additional tax money would come only from the wealthy individuals and big corporations, but would help Oregonians of lesser means by keeping the schools running and safety-net programs in place for the elderly and frail.


  1. Oregon Rulz!

  2. esprit de corps.

  3. driving from seattle to san fran & back home.

    I wonder what the marketing / messaging campaign was to take back from the fucking pigs at the top –

    the fucking pigs who take everything the pigs can take cuz they’re pigs, and cuz they’re on top.

    someday I’m gonna do a youtube series of public informationals called ‘you stupid fucks’ …

    the theme being anyone mistaken enough to BELIEVE rush and cheney want you for more than doormats, asswipes, catchfarts, serfs and cannon fodder – you should vote fascist.


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