Bank Holiday Jan 15,2010

OK honestly, it is a “minority report” coming from one of those “CT” sources.  A well known character Benjamin Fulford reported on high level meetings and plans to devalue the dollar 6 to 10 to one.  Now I know mainstream isn’t going to give me real news so search elsewhere is a given.

The confirmation search leads to other sources.

This is from Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster.…

This is a new site based upon the original source of the rumor.  The link section is a cross section of the alternate sourced news places.…

Then this one.  A little scary features pictures of the new currency.  They are NOT featuring the Amero here, these, if it is an elaborate hoax, are new.…


  1. surprising at all if it happens.

    Stocks are overbought if pe ratios (traditional) of 9 times is true.

  2. Collecting all of the gas cans,propane tanks etc.


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