Abortion is murder!

It’s just been discovered that more abortions happened in 2009 than were previously known. This is a shocking revelation, compounded by the fact that there is no outrage over this. Nobody in the so-called pro-life movement is bothering to discuss this revelation.

I’m sickened.

I would think that pro-life organizations would want to stop these people from doing this to our country. Abortion is murder, right? These people are being allowed to do this because of an erroneously decided Supreme Court decision! I mean, the judges were clearly being activist when they decided it. This decision supposedly allowed more “freedom” to people but what it really does is allow more people to commit abhorrent acts under the guise of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. This is obviously not what the people who wrote that amendment intended.

And it’s not even for the stupid “health” of the mother.

Just look at some of these people who are doing this:

By the end of Dec. 2008 as announced Circuit City Filed Bankruptcy, they promised to keep all

stores open for the holiday season, but afterwards, they plan on closing 155 stores nationwide.

Aborted. Just like that.  

Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, and Catherines closing 150 stores nationwide.

The owner of retailers Lane Bryant , Fashion Bug, Catherines Plus Sizes will

close about 150 underperforming stores this year. The company hasn’t

provided a list of specific store closures and can’t say ! when it will


that info, spokeswoman Brooke Perry said today.

Talbots, J. Jill closing stores.

About a month ago, Talbots announced that it will be shuttering all 78 of

its kids and men ‘s stores. Now t he company says it will close another 22

underperforming stores. The 22 stores will be a mix of Talbots women’s and

J Jill, another chain it owns. The closures will occur this fiscal year,

according to a company press release.

Gap Inc. closing 85 stores

In addition to its namesake chain, Gap also owns Old Navy and Banana

Republic . The company said the closures – all planned for fiscal 2008 –

will be weighted toward the Gap brand.

All those persons chose to abort. They chose to exercise their “fourteenth amendment right” to abortion, because the Supreme Court has decided to ignore the will of the people and allow these things to happen to the detriment of the country. Next thing you know we’ll be giving foreigners more rights thanks to them.

This doesn’t bode well for America, when we’re in the midst of this economic recession. Studies suggest that more abortions like this will happen in this environment. When will social conservatives fix this problem?  


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  1. I hope everyone reads the diary before potentially flaming me. I’m pro-choice.  

  2. Home Depot will also be aborting some under-performing stores…and another company (I forget which, but think it wasn’t a retail firm) will be aborting several thousand workers.

    Come play in my pony party.  It’s silly, inane, and just might give you a reason to smile.

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