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I left here

and walked into a real “shit storm”. (sigh). It’s getting worse here but the US Army has sent in troops to “maintain order and provide security” They are honoring our restrictions about weapons in our compounds, clinics and hospitals (such as they are). There is one hospital in Cite Soliel that relatively intact, working on getting fuel to keep the generator running to power the OR and post-op. The World Food Program’s warehouses were looted. USAID has been helpful in coordinating with me on a location for the tent hospital, an area close to the airport is being cleared as e speak. I expect that the final death toll will be over 100,000.

There is still no electricity in most of the city outside the airport. There is NO running water. That is a major problem. There is a shortage of fuel to run generators. We have solar powered inverters for the small stuff like recharging cell phones, lap tops and other small electronic devices. The airport has no jet fuel, so flights coming in MUST have enough fuel for their return flight.

The minute we think we have a handle on one problem, a dozen others pop up.

I have several organizational meeting with our head of mission and the USAID, who have taken charge, for better or worse. I’m seeking out some place to get washed (BIG problem) but there is REAL coffee, Yeah!

I’m dealing mostly with logistics, an occasional medical issue but I have others here to take care of any patients. Catch up with you later. Thanks to you, NPK, buhdy (I hope he’s feeling better)and everyone for their great essays and support (moral and financial). Love you all, TMC

I’m posting this now since I suspect TMC’s time to interact with us will be brief and intermittent and I’m sure it’s a subject of general interest.


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  1. Because it’s customary.

  2. You are in my thoughts, as are all the victims.

  3. Glad its going well and that you found coffee!

    If you see Brian Williams please smack him for me. Or at please ask him to quit whining on air about how hot it is.

    Dumb Question: Is it French or Creole they speak there?

    • Edger on January 15, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    Stay well..

  4. …Thanks for the updates, things we don’t get here, like the looting of the food warehouses.  

    The MSM seems so overwhelmed that they are reduced to talking about the weather and the few rescue from the rubble tales.

    Our prayers, thoughts and blessings are with you and everyone there.

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