Why fighting Obama-bots on DK is a waste of time

These are people that cannot handle truth–it’s simply too depressing for them.

People there are dying for any excuse to support the American system as it is.  

Eventually, they’ll find one.

Then they’ll get disillusioned again, as reality surfaces.

Rinse Repeat

They’ve been doing this for years and years–since the start of blogging, in fact.

When the Dems voted for the Afghan war.

And the Iraq war.

And all the supplementals.

When they won the house, and nothing changed, they found an excuse.

When they won the Senate–and still nothing changed, they found an excuse.

And now with all three branches–excuse after excuse. And for the currently disillusioned–that’s only temporary.

Because they want to believe–in fact they need to or their whole America first world view goes poof.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it think.

The reason for this isn’t about Obama or Obama-Bots, although let’s face it-he was a brilliant choice to star in this play.  It’s because most of these people still believe in the myths of Americana they were taught in school, that are re-enforced daily on tv, in the echo chamber that is modern blogging (where any diversity of opinion can be wiped off of their lcd screeens by 10 like minded ‘bots’ giving a neg rating) .  You can’t fight all that. Not on their turf-with all the rules set against you.  

The real battle for American hearts and minds starts long before bots become bots in the first place. It starts in the schools, the churches, the TVs that their sat in front of at age 2.  It starts with the made in Texas, government approved Houghton-Mifflin textbooks they’re forced to regurgitate from age 5 onwards to age 18, age 22, or more.

It starts with an educational system that rewards puking up a canned answer, over careful thought.  And one that has largely entrenched the military into the schools.

The Republican and neo liberalist idealists know this–this is why they’ve attacked all these primary systems for years–schools, churches, non-profits, local government, military, and so on.  This is where the battle lines are drawn-the real world.   And the attitudes one faces are indoctrinated in, from an early age.


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  1. I like to play around with words, put em inside out….whatever.

    Nice diary.

  2. GOS has around 230,000 registered users.

    Last I heard, GOS has 2 million unique visitors a month.  If someone has info to the contrary, please give us a link.

    That means there are are tons of people who read it who aren’t even registered, apart from those who post diaries or comment.

    This means that if you have something to say, and you want others to read it, post it at GOS.  Certainly there are lots of independents, and disaffected Bama voters, and people with inquiring minds who are in this mix, no?

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