“The war in Afghanistan is a RACKET” — Kucinich on the floor

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The war in Afghanistan is now officially a racket.    We are paying the Taliban, literally paying them American dollars, so that they won’t attack our “contractors” supplying our troops.    

So that we can go fight the Taliban.

Go figure.

It’s a racket for everybody, the contractors, the Taliban, everybody but the poor bastards who have to fight this useless fight, and the American taxpayer who, it appears, will shell out a couple of Trillion dollars (yes, Trillion with a “TR”) to keep the scam going for another 10 to 15 years.

The truth hurts.

Kucinich also makes it clear that the war is unconstitutional in the first place.

Looks like Obama is just another tool of the M.I.C. and we were all punked.


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    • Inky99 on December 11, 2009 at 22:50

    I leave a comment so you can let me know you actually read this.  🙂    Feedback appreciated.    

  1. We’re simply being lied to as to the real reason we are there and continuing to try and tame the beast.  World power, imperialism, whatever you want to call it.  That’s why we formally adopted Full Spectrum Dominance.  Obama can no more stop it than I can.  Tool is correct, same as all of em.  

  2. here’s some references I use in diaries and comments



    And this is the article Kucinich is referencing:


    • Miep on December 12, 2009 at 09:09

    Oh, that’s right. He’s too goofy.

    Maybe that was another Denny they were talking about. This didn’t look at all goofy to me.

    Brave man. Thanks, Inky.

  3. When speaking of rackets, I always think back to days of Capone for example when people were “in the racket”.

    There were always “bosses”, ” Mob bosses”, “Head of a Crime Family”.

    Now we talk of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex/ Medical Industrial Complex)

    To me that`s too generic.

    Who are the real ‘head’ of this racket.

    Who does the planning etc….

    Certainly it`s not individual politicians.

    This is basically a global racket.

    Does anything point to specific people besides members of the Carlyle Group for instance, or Bilderberg, often used as proxies to blame for the actions of this “racket”.

    It seems that the faces hidden in the fog of greed are unknown.

    The fact that no one is willing to unmask the leaders of the mob, specifically the ones elected to do so, shows that this system cannot work in it`s present form. I think the two party system is going to have to end over time to be replaced with a multi-party system, to give “we the people” a voice.

    Give me a short, goofy looking, UFO sighter, over a lying backstabber any day.

    • k9disc on December 13, 2009 at 18:31
  4. The tactics are the same we used in Iraq.  The Sunnis were called the “insurgents,” yet we funded them and turned around funded the Shi’a.  Everything was and is to keep the strife going and continue a so-called need for our presence there, as in Iraq.

    Speaking of Iraq, as some of you may know, Exxon won a contract for a huge oil field in Iraq  

    Key Oil Auction in Iraq Today: Foreign Companies Could Produce Majority of Iraq’s Oil for First Time in 35 Years

    Will Bush’s Oil Agenda Lock Obama Further Into War?

    Today and tomorrow in Baghdad, the world’s last great oil bonanza opens to the highest bidders. This auction will finalize an oil revolution in Iraq placing the majority of the nation’s oil production in foreign hands for the first time in 30 years. . . . .

    Shell Wins Rights To Iraq’s Giant Manjoon Oil Fields

    But, but . er, . um,. . we did not go to Iraq, for the oil!!!

    And, Afghanistan?  I think you’ll recall this comment here.

  5. KOS and those places will be full of ‘diaries’ supporting him, right ?

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