The More That Comes Out

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The more it’s showing what the cheney and his puppet bush were telling us, after They established the Homeland Security Agency and Swore that the Intelligence Agencies would share information and work together for Homeland Security etc. etc. etc., that They Didn’t Do Much Of Anything As To Security Against Any Criminal Terrorist Attacks!!

We all know the reports since 9/11 on lax security at nuke plants, oil cities, chemical plants etc., they’ve popped up every now and then over the last part of the decade, well if they were paying attention they weren’t doing much towards any type of security enhancements.

Now they’re attacking the Present Administration on yet another of their own total lack of competency and Any Concern for the Country and it’s citizens, only having concern for their own personal gains of wealth and power while they had control of the Government and Treasury!

They not only enhanced the hatreds and raised the probability of coming blowback because of their failed policies and destruction of innocent people and countries, they were doing absolutely nothing to minimize any blowback, and it seems their minions are now wishing and hoping for a successful attack on the country or us citizens of, including the soldiers in Afghanistan and still in Iraq, so they can play revisionist history and leave out the past decade and incompetent cabal and political party that ran this country into the ground!!

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Investigate Possibilities of Broad Terror Plot

Man Carrying Explosives Similar to Underwear Bomber Was Arrested in Somalia Last Month

Today, there are more indicators that the United States’ counterterrorism system may not be functioning properly. Sources told ABC News the intelligence community only informed the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration about the incident involving Abdi this morning.

Tom Kean, chairman of the commission that investigated the 9/11 terror attacks, said the recent lack of communication has a familiar ring.

“This feels like after 9/11,” Kean told ABC News. “This is, as Yogi Berra would say, deja vu — the same thing happening over and over again. We have got to find out why. We have got to fix this problem.”…>>>>>

All of this, Intelligence and Security, should have been working like a well oiled machine by the time the previous administration left office, Sept 11 2001 happened early on in an eight year admin., we had the shoe bomber as well as incidents overseas and supposedly expected here. It then handed over these agencies, the Homeland Security Agency and Intelligence, to the present administration, most of those working in these agencies stay put it’s just the top and those they bring into their agency administrations who are changed if changed at all.

As to Homeland Security, once the bomb didn’t go off the passengers, crew of that airplane, and all the agencies quickly contacted worked as they should, in short order and even after the fact that the agency wasn’t warned about the possibility of any danger.

When Are We Going To Call For and Have Our Own Inquiry of The Previous Administration and Congresses, When??


  1. “And what do we know about Yemen? It’s an al qaeda hotbed.”

    More justification for the cruise missile attacks a few days ahead of condom bomber.

    Maybe the next “stimulus package” will be a new war, with Yemen.  

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