The $45.05 Gift Card

I know it says $50 dollar Mastercard Gift Card but that’s after the $4.95 “activation” fee.  Wouldn’t that feed alot of Biafrans, I mean just think about that globally, times 6.7 or so billion.   Ah, but they have to “build the infrastructure” you say.  Well one company is “ramping up”.…

Anyway, was it good for you?

The eyes of a three year old coming into my living room say it all.  He imagines all the presents are his yet he has a certain natural gracious host character passing on gifts to other people happily.  Grampy puts together Spike the dinosaur while he tears through the Buzz Lightyear and Woody action figures.  What is with all these wire twisty things?  Careful not to loose parts in a room now covered in wrapping paper.  Grampy brings Spike to life and little David takes the remote control, not knowing what any of the buttons do yet.  His attention is really on something else when Spike rears up on his hind legs then his neck swings around and hits David.  He jumps back in terror and we have to say nice dinosaur to convince him it was just an accident.  I wish we had caught the incident on video.

The other joke of the evening was the conversation about the powder scale Dave got for his shell reloading kit.

“Hey, the wife can use it to weigh her drugs.”

This was the most jovial response to my daughter’s doctor demanding a drug test over “missed appointments”.  

I raise a glass and we all toast ourselves as society’s misfits, “the Island of misfit toys and proud of it.”

I’m just a big kid too at 54, marveling at a set of igloo building molds and a pair of those snowball makers that mold perfectly round balls.  The evening ends on a happy note.  Our fire hazard real Christmas tree must go out the window tomorrow though.  Last year for a real tree I think.  It’s not working putting it in the same room with the pellet stove and it’s a hard decision for our family of real tree tradition.

A curious mix of feelings this year.  A year of one crisis after another yet we are all still here, all still healthy and all seeing things in a new light.  It is what it is so we may as well laugh about it.

More next time about the Pope, the Keurig coffee machine and the wife’s brand new Sony reader.  Only a purist like me can equate these seemingly innocent and unrelated subjects to the grand Illuminati Plan to Destroy America.

Hey, after all it’s a $45.05 gift card, not a $50 gift card.  


  1. the Apocalyptic horses.

    • Inky99 on December 26, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    They’re hugely profitable.

    Most people don’t spend the exact amount on them, they leave a few cents, even a dollar or two left on them.  

    Pure gravy for the corporations.

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