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It’s official.  The USA Patriot Act is no longer the greatest social achievement of our time.  The Baucus/Lieberman Perpetual Serfdom Act has just been awarded that distinction.  Obama is immensely proud of it.  “Pragmatic” progressives are saluting it.  They’re telling us we should be grateful for the crumbs Democrats toss us, they’re ridiculing us for taking a stand on principle, they’re calling it “wanting our ponies”, they never shut up, their condescending lips are always flapping, their lips never stop flapping until police state decrees like this are issued from on high . . .

After hearing passionate arguments from the Obama Administration, the Supreme Court acquiesced to the president’s fervent request and, in a one-line ruling, let stand a lower court decision that declared torture an ordinary, expected consequence of military detention, while introducing a shocking new precedent for all future courts to follow: anyone who is arbitrarily declared a “suspected enemy combatant” by the president or his designated minions is no longer a “person.” They will simply cease to exist as a legal entity. They will have no inherent rights, no human rights, no legal standing whatsoever.

Every time Obama channels Cheney and goes all medieval on us, his Obamabots fall silent. All we hear is crickets.  Until the next greatest social achievement of our time is announced. Then the festivities begin anew and anyone who doesn’t join in gets burned as a witch.  

For corporate fascists keeping score at home, that’s two great social achievements in one week!  For “pragmatic” progressives, it’s one great social achievement and a minor disappointment.  Nothing to dwell on.  Clap louder and it’ll go away.  For actual progressives, it’s the final evidence that we no longer have any choices left.  There is only one way to fight back now.  We have to boycott the major parties in the 2010 Midterms. Vote 3rd party. Vote for a write-in candidate.  Take electoral action in whatever way you think is most effective.

Iranians can die for democracy . . .

iranian election protester Pictures, Images and Photos

But we can’t even boycott an election?  

Don’t argue about it.  Do it.  Call it what you want.  Get to work organizing it.  Get to work publicizing it.  Help in any way and every way you can or get the hell out of the way.    

Democrats told us they couldn’t Impeach because “we don’t have the votes”.  They told us they couldn’t pass single payer because “we don’t have the votes.”   They told us they couldn’t give us a strong public option because “we don’t have the votes.”  They told us they couldn’t even give us a watered down public option because “we don’t have the votes.”  

When progressives boycott the Midterms, Democrats will discover the true meaning of “we don’t have the votes.”  They’ve been using it as a bullshit excuse, we’re going to use it as a warning, as a nationwide declaration that we will no longer tolerate betrayal.    

“Pragmatic” progressives will freak out, we’ll be lectured about “reality” by people who think that gutter they’re crawling in is the Yellow Brick Road to Incremental Change.  They’ve been crawling in that gutter of “political reality” ever since their anti-Impeachment days.  They weren’t worth listening to then and they never will be.    

We’ve supported Democrats over and over again, election after election, but nothing ever changes. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is insanity.   It’s insane to keep reelecting corrupt politicians who keep betraying us.  


This would be a good time to take a reality-based quiz . . .

“Pragmatic” progressives who demonize Jane Hamsher for working with a Republican on one issue, but who praise Obama, who’s been working with Republicans ALL YEAR ON EVERY ISSUE are . . .

A. Reeking hypocrites.

B. Extremely unintelligent.

C. Frequently unconscious.

D. All of the above.  

Obama’s Secretary of Defense is a Republican, his top two economic advisors are Republicans.  Gates tells Obama to jump and he asks how high.  Geithner tells Obama to jump and he asks how high. Summers tells Obama to jump and he asks how high.  

That’s “pragmatism”, according to the frequently unconscious, extremely unintelligent, reeking hypocrites who jump along with Obama every time.  

Am I pissed off?  You’re fucking right I’m pissed off.

But hey, I’m not saying “pragmatic” progressives aren’t performing a vitally important function.  Someone has to be the reasoned voice of pragmatism so those wild-eyed radical rabble-rousing Democrats in Washington won’t go too far to the left and scare the hell out of Luke Russert.  

Some of you may be wondering how incremental pragmatists suddenly became the greatest social engineers of our time.  I’ve been wondering the same thing.  Maybe one of those Obamabot drones in that reality-based community hive I’ve heard about can explain it.  But from what I’ve seen, it’s painfully evident that neither those great social engineers nor their admirers who keep lecturing everyone else to face reality have any idea what reality is anymore.  

Perhaps we can resolve this issue by reviewing some basic facts: The healthcare crisis is REAL and it keeps getting worse.  The nationwide mandate for major reform is REAL but Democrats are squandering it.  The pervasive corruption in both major parties is REAL but neither party will do anything about it.  The consequences of that corruption are REAL and are destroying our political system, our banking system, our economy, and the rule of law. The anger of Americans is REAL and Democrats are inciting more of it by being craven corporate hacks.  

You like reality, “pragmatic” progressives?  Good.  I just gave you all a big plateful of it to chew on. Swallow every bite.  Try not to choke on it.    

Boycotting the Midterms would not only be taking a stand for our progressive principles, it would be defending reality itself.  Both have been under attack by Republicans and now Democrats are taking their turn.  The latest example of rampant unreality is that piece of shit bill written by the insurance industry and gutted by Lieberman being proclaimed as “the greatest social achievement of our time.” Both parties distort reality, it’s politics, I’m told.  But distorting reality is not politics anymore, it’s gone way beyond that.  It’s national suicide.  

When is the last time Democrats took a stand against corporate power and did not back down?   When???   1963?   They needed to demonstrate political courage, strength, and decisive leadership in 2009, but they didn’t, and every American is paying the price.  It’s time for Democrats to pay the price for their moral cowardice and treachery.  It’s time for a confrontation.  It’s time for a showdown.  It’s time to boycott the Midterms.

Everywhere.  In every Congressional district.  In every state.

I’m told we can’t do that, Democrats might lose control of the House, they might even lose control of the Senate.  I’ve thought about that, I’ve considered the implications, I’m going to try one last time to give a damn about Democrats losing Congress . . .

Attempting to.... Pictures, Images and Photos

Democrats don’t give a damn about us, so why should we give a damn about them?  If they gave a damn about us they would have fought for single payer, we would have gotten a strong public option at the very least.  But they turned their backs on us, they’ve turned their backs on us for 40 years.  It’s time to turn our backs on them.  Let’s see how they like it. Let’s give them a dose of their own medicine. Let’s see if they can win an election without their base.  

Let’s see them give that a try.

We haven’t been able to control how Democrats vote in Congress, but we can control whether we vote for them or not.  Our power to do this is in our hands.  Reid can’t stop a boycott.  Pelosi can’t take it off the table.  Baucus can’t riddle it with loopholes.  Lieberman can’t filibuster it.  K Street can’t lobby it to death.  Rahm can’t bully us into backing down. Obama can’t triangulate us into the Twilight Zone.  

Send them a message.  

Send them all a message.

Boycott the major parties in the Midterms



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  1. We’ve supported Democrats over and over again, election after election, but nothing ever changes.   We need to take this fight to the next level.   Boycott the Midterms.   Get to work organizing it.   Get to work publicizing it.   Help in any way and every way you can or get the hell out of the way.    

  2. DU . . .

    Iranian police opened fire on protesters in Tehran on Sunday, killing at least four people, including a nephew of the opposition leader Mir Hussein Moussavi, as vast crowds of demonstrators flooded the streets of cities across Iran and fiercely fought security forces, according to witnesses and opposition Web sites.

    The protests were the bloodiest – and among the largest – since the uprisings that followed Iran’s disputed presidential election last June, with hundreds of thousands of people thronging Tehran alone, witnesses said. There were reports of hundreds of injured people and numerous arrests.

    In Tehran, thick crowds marched down a central avenue in mid-morning, defying official warnings of a harsh crackdown on protests as they chanted, “Death to the dictator!” They refused to retreat even as police fired tear gas, charged them with batons and discharged warning shots.

    The police then opened fire directly into the crowd.

    Iranians are dying for democracy.  

    What have we done to save democracy here?


    Yet . . .  


  3. Republicrats, Demopublicans.  I’ve thought about and talked about how the two parties are basically the same now.  Many of us have and millions of others.  And that we need a solid third party challenge.  So for all practical purposes, if I believe that, why should I worry about the republicans winning again?  Big deal, same old shit, different color.  I also remember how fucking amazed I was when Bush won his second term. That was a wake up call there.  So, ya, I’m not going to reward anyone who doesn’t deserve it just to keep someone else out of there.  

  4. Loyalty to the party is for little people and serfs.

  5. I mean THEM trying to blackmail ME with the but but but youll get Sarah Palin and its all your fault shit. (agreeing with underdog above)

    I have to admit, in Texas, Id really rather have Bill White (D) as our Governor than Rick Perry (Supreme A-Hole) but Id be willing to sit that one out and make that “sacrifice” IF it served a larger goal. In fact, it would have more impact in an election scenario like that, where state Dems really want White and think he’s a realistic get, pragmatically speaking. Texas is… well… ya know… Texas. (Im not from here, I just live here.)

    Anyway, Im all for it, Rusty, but my feeling is that it would need to done in such a way as to have the most impact possible. Sending a message, the right message. It should not be a just “sit it out” one that they will twist into their own meme (i.e. apathy). We are not apathetic, anything but! It would need to be a Movement… for it to be effective at all.

    Im thinking of writing in Elmer Fudd.

  6. Just boycott voting for the major parties. Vote 3rd party. That’s much more effective and sends a bigger message than boycotting the election.

  7. relative to this and found this about liberal bloggers boycotting sending money over the LGBT issues.

    Most probably there are others.  

  8. … that we need to send them a message, and I agree 100% with your analysis and especially your accurate description of the assholes who have hijacked the Democratic Party I have always believed in — I mean, the one that has democratic values.

    Disagree about the boycott for psychological reasons.  Always better to be for something in action.

    I think of jeffroby’s Full Court Press as one answer, even though I don’t agree entirely with the structure of it and have discussed that with jeff.

    I think we should make loud and clear the message that the present folks who are now calling themselves the Democratic Party are in fact a third party and we are the Democrats, that brand belongs to us and we’re taking it back (or something like that, bear with me on being very generalized about this).

    Then we run in every Congressional district in the country, with whatever money we have — we are not running to win electorally but to make a national statement by primarying Dems as “better” Dems.

    Only problems I see are (1) money – don’t know how much it costs just to get in a race and (2) paperwork – not everyone is proficient in doing paperwork, so we’d need folks to volunteer with that aspect.

    Anyway, just a half baked notion, but I think jeff has something here.  To use the rotted and slimy electoral process we have today to accomplish something entirely different than what the Repubs so-called (faux) Dems are using it for.

  9. I’m with you and equally exasperated — I think rather than boycotting the Dems, we need to replace them with new, progressive Dems* — there are some that are running.  Boycotting Dems might come back to slap us in the face BIG TIME.  Why?  I heard on radio that there are some Supreme Court Judges that are due to retire in the next couple of years, and the Republicans are just waiting for a chance to get Repugs to replace them.  Boycotting Dems would give Repugs another big chance to win again and stack the Supreme Court, which is already bad enough!

    I dunno,’ Rusty, our anger grows, as we continue to search for a means to putting a STOP sign in front of all that is happening.  

    Essentially, our government, except for a handful of representatives, has basically thumbed its nose at the American people — “we’re gettin’ rich, so f..k you!”  The whole thing is so bassakwards as to be unbelievable.  

    Everything has become so askewed as to be hardly recognizable from the original concepts of this country.  Right now, and that which glares at us blatantly, somehow, our politicians have come to believe that THEY own the government.  Of course, they don’t own the government — we OWN the government, and these politicians are our paid public SERVANTS.  We need to get a mantra going on that — they need to be reminded big time.

    Here’s a pretty good article with some ways to fight back.

    *Personally, I think we need to get rid of the party system altogether, let each man/woman stand for his/her self, have a dollar limit on contributions across the board, ban corporation contributions, and have run-off voting.  


  10. lol. Maybe jack Sparrow instead. I dunno, Im working on it. 🙂

    It needs to be an All-Inclusive Vacation Boycott, all meals included, all drinks included, etc. All hands on deck… LGBT, minorities, immigration champions, women, civil rights, torture justice folks, eco-people, EVERYBODY. And as I find myself saying a lot lately (esp at HCR) its not about “The Poor” anymore. Its not altruistic. Its sheer survival.

    “The Poor”…{shakes head} … thats like a variation of the Overton Window… we’re all “poor” now, the middle class is disappearing, or if not disappearing, the things that used to be Given’s are gone… like buying a house or sending your kid to college or paying for Kid’s braces. Thats all Elite shit now.

    (deleting tangent about “poor”}

    What to call it…?

    We. The. People.


    here’s our theme song. Give ’em hell.

  11. or for more and better Democrats.  And I truly understand the people who think this way.

    My problem is one of been there, done that.

    In 2008, I supported and in my own small way got Jared Polis into Congress.

    His victory was a balm to my spirit, the first gay man openly elected to Congress while everyone knew he was gay while he was running – that never happened before.

    But we all know how that situation ends.  Jared Polis turned into an accommodationist bobblehead the minute he got there.  He might be better than a Republican, but that’s not saying much.

    The Washington Culture of Corruption and Accommodationism will not be changed by replacing the people with “more and better Democrats” or “third parties”.

    It will not.

    • justCal on December 27, 2009 at 22:48

    …and if a recommendation is an indication of support for the thoughts expressed in this essay then I believe you have a core group of eloquent and prolific voices more than capable of spreading the message across the inter-tubes.

    So what does a movement require?

    A name.

    I use ‘Sit Out The Vote” because it rhymes with “Get Out The Vote” but I’m sure that can be improved upon.

    A symbol.

    Any graphic artists here?


    Something catchy and pointed that conveys the message in the simplest terms.

    A presence on facebook,youtube,and progressive blogs.

    Outreach to possible allies.

    (Ron)Paulists come to mind.

    Just a few thoughts.

    BTW any movement could take some lessons from the Paulists when it comes to creating a campaign from outside the mainstream.


  12. media diversionary issue to cover the recent news of Obama granting diplomatic immunity to Interpol agents.  So essentially we now have a foreign CIA type agency operating freely within US borders accountable to nobody.

    • robodd on December 28, 2009 at 00:56

    our future.  Is is multinational feudalism?  Perpetual serfdom?  Credit card fiefdom?  

    Or should I just shut up and pay 15% of my income to insurance companies, as mandated by the State.

  13. While we contemplate this or that — take a look at OUR wonderful, filthy country and it’s actions:

    Air Force Confirms ‘Beast of Kandahar’ Drone

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Air Force on Tuesday confirmed for the first time that it is flying a stealth unmanned aircraft known as the “Beast of Kandahar,” a drone spotted in photos and shrouded in secrecy.

    The RQ-170 Sentinel is being developed by Lockheed Martin and is designed “to provide reconnaissance and surveillance support to forward deployed combat forces,” the air force said in a brief statement.

    The “RQ” prefix for the aircraft indicates an unarmed drone, unlike the “MQ” designation used for Predator and Reaper aircraft equipped with missiles and precision-guided bombs.

    Aviation experts dubbed the drone the “Beast of Kandahar” after photographs emerged earlier this year showing the mysterious aircraft in southern Afghanistan in 2007. . . .


    I truly feel like throwing up.  Has anyone noticed these latest so-called “terrorist’s” attacks, via airplanes, etc.  To me, it’s BS, afterall, we’re about to send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, and then, of course, we will need the funding — and all the “propaganda” justification therefor.  Take a look at TheMomCat’s latest essay!  


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