Midnight Cowboy: A Return to Naranjastan

Man, I can’t wait to get back to Naranjastan. I am sure it’s the same as before, because Peeder built the machine, ct just maintains it. Since I last played peeder’s game, which I much prefer to Ender’s, the meta tools for playing such adventures have advanced.

Basically I have cheat codes for assessing the meta structure of any online community. Lucky for everyone, raiding is so 2006. So here is what Daily Kos’s home page looks to me, through meta colored glasses:

This looks like a good relevancy sample because comments is near discuss.

Looks like they are really into the Public Option and the Senate, fixated if you will. Two major meta blocks missing are War and Economy. Jobs does get a cornerstone position but does not carry much weight.

Funny data strings:

If you look at the House Health Bill block, President Woman appears. Daily Kos is still secretly a Hilldog site! I kid, sorta.

Next to Public Option, the white First. First GOP Year. See! In meta terms, Dkos does know what’s up, they are just lying to themselves.

They do know they are progressives. It’s at the core of the structure. Progressives Things Diary to be exact, and they are diary for Insurance. The truth hurts, especially when its not covered by the Insurance trust they pretend to be fighting.

The purity is still strong in Naranjastan. Make note of that.

Also missing from the list:


LGBT Rights


Liberal7’s Harry Reid says AP wrong, Public Option not dropped caught my eye. Someone does not like the pony they are being given.

Gonna filter that, be right back.


Back! For a reality denial diary it was pretty mundane.

Wow, another football. Naranjstan kicks a lot this.

Well, this shows two simple things. The sounds of their own voices commenting is equally to the content of the meta ball. Besides the major theme of the diary Public Option, the next biggest asset is +0.

All in all, there doesn’t seem to be a flowing meta fetish as there use to be. Who knows, maybe they changed the Trusted User rule now its like level 120 immortals only.

The funny part about this diary is that it isn’t based in reality or what is being reported. At the right tip, not big at all is truth and lying, under plans of all things. They also Care Always, right next to the +0.

The funniest part of this structure is to the right of Public, the major meme of the diary: Buy-In Hope.

That’s what this diary is full of, people who had buy-in hope for Obama. They even took their time to write their names down on the meta wall.

Last stop, Recent Diary List!

Here it is, clean as a whistle:

This pretty much speaks for itself, they are trying to break some kind of public option.

A meltdown there is good to likely. They know the truth about Copenhagen, those parties are gonna be crazy. Sexual Edition Global, indeed.

At least we know they are Worried Americans.

I’m not sure they are even worth the effort.

This is like finding out people still play muds online.


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  1. Jesus, hire a designer Markos, or you still paying out those fellowships?

    Do those even exist anymore?

    • sharon on December 9, 2009 at 07:43

    did you make them or are they actually drawn from content?  i’ve never seen anything like it.  very cool.

    • TMC on December 9, 2009 at 15:38

    It’s really great to have your perspective on the currents events. I don’t know if you’ve been lurking here or there but so much has happened, changed and not all good, either, Love the football shaped tag clouds, too.

    I re-read your last diary (loved the dolphin video and pictures) and your last comments and still I wonder why you were banned but then there are others who are now banished while others remain. The Left wing and DFH’s have little voice there now, what passes for analysis is just more cheerleading for a President who failed to recognize what his mandate was and spent his first months placating and pandering to a loud, marginalized minority. Many of us who held “his feet to the fire” are attacked as “haters”, I was even called a “racist” and a “whore” and not one user objected.

    I hope you make frequent stops here, thanks, TMC

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