Meteor Blades has done more for this place, both emotionally and

intellectually than the rest of us combined.  Is he the be-all-end-all of our discussions?  Fuck no! Never has been.  Never tried to be.  But his history and knowledge are rich.  Will I call him out? Bet your fucking bottom dollar.  But fer rizzle, as antagonists go, Meteor Blades?


That’s like calling out Fred Biletnikoff as a wide-reciever.

Jesus.  More later.

update: because this diary is a total waste of community neuronal space, I’m deleting shortly.  we can do better.  yes, we can!  and if you elect me president….single payer public health option for all!  out of afghanistan!


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  1. because I’ll be coming at you until your claims hold true.

    So far, not.  And my declamation cannot be understood as an anti-anti-Obama thing, because my personal contempt for Obama has been evident since june.

    By the same token I decry BTD on various issues, especially on Afghanistan, but not in toto.

    In the meantime, you want me to fuck-over McJoan?  Jane Hamsher? and so on. sorry sorry sorry.  Not gonna happen.

    They represent forward progress, as does Meteor.

    Do I personally think they are all opinion-fucked as the economy unfolds?  Yes.  I do think thar.  

    There’s nothing to do about impending collapse, by myself or them.

    It’s what it is.  But no, I don’t hold them responsible.

    • quince on December 23, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    I don’t understand it. I like MB. I love, love, love his posts. I think he’s shitty at moderation. Simple.  

  2. If you mean because half the user here are here because of being banned or driven off by MB at the other place, then yea…he’s done a lot.


    • TMC on December 23, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    are certainly very well written and progressive. His personal story and achievements are impressive. However, his moderation has fallen short with controlling the trollish behavior and bullying of a handful of users who dominate the diaries that are critical of the President and his policies.  

    Community moderation has not stopped them. His claim that both side do it is true but not an excuse for him NOT to intervene. He has in one or two instances but his decision was very one sided. When there are two or more parties involved in trollish behavior and that provokes rules violations you cannot just punish or ban one user.

    I also realize that it is a monumental task for one person. But what is happening in some of these diaries stands out quite glaringly.

    I think the reason this discussion is taking place here, is because it can without it getting nasty as it most certainly would at DKos.

    I am speaking for myself not as an administrator of this site.

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