Helping the good political guys: Apparently still possible

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Found a wonderful article by Norman Soloman. Just when all my beer was salty from tears:

In recent months, the responses from the progressive base to the Obama presidency have often resembled stages of grief — with rotations of denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance.

Mobilization of progressive movements to pressurize Obama in the White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill has always been essential. It hasn’t happened. Instead, among Democratic loyalists, reflexive support for the latest line from the administration has made it easier for Obama to move rightward.

In 2010, we should concentrate on generating the kind of public information, vigorous debate and grassroots organizing that could shift the center of political gravity in a progressive direction.

At every turn, progressives should be putting up a fight — not only in all kinds of venues outside the electoral system but also inside the Democratic Party. Winning elections will require doing the methodical and difficult work of running candidates in Democratic primaries, sometimes against entrenched incumbents.

For instance, that’s what stalwart anti-war progressive Marcy Winograd is doing in her challenge to Congresswoman Jane Harman in the Los Angeles area. Across the country, dozens of strong progressives are running for Congress with a real chance to win. They need our volunteer help and our financial support.

What a great idea, that there really ARE progressives out there.

Who knew? We’ve been watching the Sell-Out Crew ™ in DC so carefully, we’ve been forgetting (well I ain’t seen it) to talk about these on-the-ground good guys.

I’ve commented a couple times that I’ve given up on the DC crew — and why not? It’s 24/7 “Sell the People Out” hijinks. I’m going with non-profits for now, positive change from the ground up.

This article has some good ideas, I think, for those still fired up about political change. GIve it a read:

Flares in the Political Dark

by Norman Solomon

Published on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 by…

You know, I was at my local WA State Representative’s home tonight, to borrow a book from her daughter. We were talking about the sorry state of the DSHS here. That’s the Dept of Screwing Over Every Child in Sight, in our state, dunno about yours.  But I digress.

I might be a little fired up about helping her to win again. She truly is a Progressive. Which means she must be in the sights of well, someone, the next time she needs to run.

Let me know what you think of this article.  

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  1. Thanks for stopping by.  

  2. in congress. I mean Bernie Sanders sold out on HCR.  The progressive caucus in the house plans to vote for the Senate version of the bill.

    There are none to support. Or almost none.

    And so, I’m skeptical of any effort to support anything within the democratic party at all.  What purpose does it serve? Have we all forgotten the lessons of 2006, 2008 already ?  Or the 40 years before that ? The people that made promises then, but didn’t follow through?

    What has changed so that this time supporting Democrats would actually do something?

    • Edger on December 23, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    –> at BuzzFlash:

    It’s Time to Play Hardball

    “Because that’s what it’s going to take, the netroots joining together to actively campaign against the Dems, in order for the left to be taken seriously. This will require playing genuine political hardball going into next year’s midterms, and building up going into 2012. The following is based largely on the entry, “For a Full Court Press — 435 Democratic Congressional Primaries”. It proposes action going into the 2012 elections, but it seems to me that we can and should begin building the foundations next year (which is only days away) for the midterms. The point is this: if progressives don’t start getting genuinely tough with the Democrats, and start making the party accountable to us, then it’s going to continue behaving like a party of Republican-wannabes that simply use and abuse us while implementing Republican policies – which we all know are utterly disastrous for the country. Here is what I propose. read more…

  3. The 911 truth people tell me the antiwar people won’t associate with them.  Glenn Beck has also villified the 911 truth movement.  Places like kos, commondreams,AARP, moveon and many others are compromised too by the propaganda put out by commercial media.

    Another year and another top 25 list.

    All your talking points be beloinging to Bilderberg, CFR and the Trilateral Commission.

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