Mama Gaia Rap, Poem with Music!

The part with the poem:

in your hair


you despair

oh beware

Mama Gaia everywhere.

Don’t be shy

don’t deny

she’ll espy

as you cry

Mama Gaia says comply.

If you jump

on the land

feel so grand

in her hand

You are just a lump.

Lump of clay


In her hair

play and play

Mama Gaia she just stare

At foolish lumps

getting bumps

from themselves

silly elves

Mama Gaia she so bored

Foolish humans have her floored

Stuff she made as

silly maid

now she’s grown up

so are we

do we see?

Mama Gaia start to roll

tired of the elves gone troll

Knows inside

where we hide

in our hearts

fits and starts

We don’t need this foolish crap

Mama Gaia knows the rap.

What to do?

See it through.

Mama Gaia there with you.

See her in

every shade

Every shadow ever made.

See her in

golden spin

turning flowers, light within.

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    • Miep on December 1, 2009 at 6:41 am

    but the tubes continue to elude me.

    I hope there is something to appeal here, in any case.

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