Let’s talk Football

With two games left to play, the playoff picture is heating up.

So, I’m taking a break from politics to talk football.

My team, the Indianapolis Colt’s, have already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoff’s.

Here’s how the playoff’s are shaping up…

The AFC:

As it stands today is not how it will stand in the next two weeks for some teams.

The Indianapolis Colt’s have clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoff’s.  At the moment, it is questionable whether they will play the starters the last two games to go undefeated.  Indy hosts the Jets in week 16 and then travels to Buffalo in week 17.  Even if Peyton sits half the games, it is entirely possible the Colt’s could enter playoff’s undefeated.

The San Diego Chargers look to clinch the second seed in the playoffs.  Considering their week 16 game against the Tennessee Titans and week 17 game against the Washington Redskins, the Chargers should have the second seed locked up.

The New England Patriots, at 9-5, are two games ahead of both the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, both of whom sit at 7-7.  New England hosts the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 16 and then travel to play the Houston Texans in week 17.  Neither game is a give-me for New England.  But, even with losing it’s last two games, New England holds the tie-breakers (for now) over both Miami and the Jets who have tough games themselves.  The Jet’s play Indy then Cincinnati, and aren’t likely to win either game, leaving the Jets at 7-9.  Miami hosts Houston then plays Pittsburgh (who is fighting for a wild card), so, Miami could wind up 7-9 or 8-8.  So, we can bet that New England will win the division but whether they end up 10-6 or 11-5 is questionable.

The Cincinnati Bengals are 9-5.  They are one game in front of Baltimore and two games in front of Pittsburgh.  Cincinnati gets Kansas City in week 16 and the Jets in week 17.  I don’t see Cincinnati losing either game and they end up 11-5.

The Patriots and Bengals will play the wild card round.

The Raven’s, currently a wild card team, play Pittsburgh in week 16, then Oakland in week 17.  I see a Pittsburgh loss and Oakland win, leaving the Raven’s 9-7.

The Bronco’s, the other current wild card team, plays Philadelphia in week 16 and then Kansas City in week 17.  I see a Philadelphia loss and KC win, leaving the Bronco’s 9-7, as well.

Pittsburgh can surely beat the Raven’s and Miami, ending up 9-7.  They need a lot of help.  The Raven’s losing to Oakland would be fantastic for Pittsburgh (and possible), or, the Bronco’s tanking the KC game (not likely).

The Jaguars, Jets, Houston, Tennessee, and Miami are all but out of contention with their remaining scheduled two games.

So, my wild card is surely the Bronco’s holding the #5 seed, and the Raven’s #6.

That makes the brackets:

WILD CARD – Cincinatti vs Raven’s, New England vs Bronco’s

DIVISIONAL – Cincinatti vs San Diego, New England vs Indy

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP – Cincinatti vs Indy

Superbowl bound – Indianapolis!


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  1. San Diego just beat Cinci … and if that match up holds true they will be in San Diego again.

    and as Jonesy sez … better hope they dont play the Chargers.

    and don’t let me get started on how that team snuck out of Baltimore in the middle of the night.

    /friendly football razz

  2. Assuming the season ended today, if both the Patriots and the Bengals advanced, then the Patriots would play the Chargers while the Bengals would play the Colts.

      The reason is because the Colts, being top-seeded, would play the lowest ranked team to advance to the divisional round. With the Patriots being third-seeded they would play the Chargers.

     Granted, if the Patriots lose one of their games, and Cinci wins out, then your scenario plays out.

     As for the divisional round, the Patriots are not playing like winners right now. They lost back-to-back games to the Saints and Dolphins, and then barely eaked out a win against the mediocre Bills.

      I think the Charges can take them. If the Chargers go up against the Bengals, well, they just beat them. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but its hard to bet against it.

     One thing is for certain, the Colts don’t want to play the Chargers. Two years in a row the Chargers came to Indi and no one gave them a chance in Hell of winning. Both years the Chargers walked out winners.

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