Becoming a Power Player

Becoming a Power Player

Initially, Evony is a game about producing resources to build your city with. Whether by “growing” them in your resource fields, (your most important asset early on, tend and upgrade them well!) or plundering them from other players…resources are the key to the game.

But at some point, when your city is getting strong and you are looking to really get in the game…plunder bigger prey, join in attacks, or just prove what a badass you are…the game becomes about producing troops.

And producing them fast.

Faster than you kill them, for instance.

To do this, you need two things and a little knowledge and a few tips…so here we go! The first thing you need are the aforementioned resources. You can’t do anything in Evony without resources. So hopefully by the time you need lots of troops, your resource fields are producing merrily along and you have learned how to successfully plunder. If you are smart, you even have a couple of “Farm Cities” that you plunder every day or two for the resources they continue to produce. After you have killed or driven off their former owner.

Troops take three ingredients, food, lumber and iron. And you need them in vast quantities. Especially food. We will get to the Food Problem a little later.

The other thing you need to produce troops are barracks. lots and laots of barracks. The more Barracks you have the faster you produce troops. Cottages don’t produce troops, and neither do warehouses. If you want to be a power player, you want to tear down ALL of your warehouses and replace them with barracks. Warehouses are for players that expect to get plundered, Barracks are for people who expect to plunder other…in other words, Power Players. You should have no more than eight cottages. If you have more than eight, tear them down and replace them with barracks.

If you do not have a second city…get one. If you want, ask on chat and we will help get you a GOOD one! Initially your second city should be not much more than a way to produce the two essential elements of Power Players…resources and barracks. It should be as close to your main City as possible for easy transporting of goods and troops. Here is what a Power Players second city looks like:

A Rally Spot

Beacon Tower

An Academy (so you can study to things at once)

A Feasting Hall for your Mayors (see the section on mayors)

Seven cottages

And Barracks, Barracks, Barracks.

If you want, you can remodel it into something more homey once you have your first 90k archers.

And that is the first goal of a Power Player, 90k Arch. Why 90k? Because that is the maximum number that can be launched to attack your enemies from a level 9 Rally Spot. As you are making your 90k throw about 10-20k Warriors in to the mix, you will want them for a Meat Shield. (See the section on attacking) Make at least a couple of thousand scouts as well. Pike, swords and workers are nice and shiny, but you don need many of them at all, and that mostly just for a rainbow. (See attacking)

Your next goal is to make about 10-20 cavalry, for fast raids, supporting others in the alliance by reinforcing them quickly…and as transport to clean out resources from your farm Cities. Once you have 90k Arch and a nice Cav…you can make some more auxiliary and support troops. More scouts, more warriors, and now if you want some shiny swordsmen, go for it.

Thene get to work on your NEXT 90k Archers. if there is one thing sure in this game it is this…you an NEVER have enough Archers!