First Blight

I had my fun last night.  A full moon lit black glassy ice.  We built a fire in the pit.  Hot chocolate in the thermos.  I was on the ice spinning my three year old grandson around in circles while he squealed in delight.  My daughter was throwing ice cubes for the dogs to chase laughing at a gangly german shepard puppy loosing her footing on the ice.  Simple pleasures cause we are perhaps a simple family.  Crowds of city oriented people celebrating yet another start of the same shit.  Well that just don’ impress.  No this, no that, stand in security lines of this post 911 world.  I don’t think so.

The year in pictures.


tin foil

Just Stand There Clueless

Crash all trade


unicorn flu

Who Tim Really works for Council Foreign Relations


The Future United States

7 regions

Why we didn’t get “Change”


Growth industry

US industry

Billboard Truth


Way too optomistic scenario


Ongoing issue

Health care?


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  1. If Enterprise was a tribute to capitalism as the underpinnings of a future society of technologically advanced humans should I start another website and call it underprise to illustrate how the New World Order vision of global “peace” means sci-fi dystopia of Mad Max proportions.

    Whole cities, ancient ruins on the moon, Mars and Phobos and more.  That plus “they” them them have obviously known all of this thousands of years ago.

  2. European Parliament to investigate the Pharma companies influence on WHO among other things in Jan 2010.  That should be interesting.

    Happy new year to you LH!  

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