Circle to Nowhere

Do you recall your first blogging experience?

Mine was at, of all places  I lasted 48 hours and consisted of mostly an argument over collecting pine cones for Christmas was not a Constitutional right.  A simple family tradition of walking the woods around the local water supply had been declared verboten due to Homeboy Stupidity issues after 911.  The guy with three teeth who worked at the pumping station suddenly became “park ranger” too.

In my very short time there the entire thing smacked of cultism, more of a religion than discussion on political platforms.  Never about facts,figures or things science based, never discussions about what a good policy should be or why, just marching orders and or mutual admiration society back patting.

You know like when two dogs meet, what do they do, if they don’t fight that is.

But I tested and came out like the Dali Lama and Ghandi on a political test so I ended up on several left leaning places yet still getting banned from places like democratic underground and kos.  After becoming a card carrying MIHOP 911 truther issues outside the prescribed talking points of the platform were as verboten as the rah rah false patriotism of

What happened in politics?  Neither party is trying to win converts.  Both parties “You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists”.

Ya but, I had an expat experience.  Ich bin ein Auslander.

With that and a late in life business administration degree I found the universe you know as CT.

In all of the references on this from the Illuminati, to Nostradamus, the Hopi Indians to the lost civilization Atlanis one common theme comes out.

We need to grow spiritually.

We should know not to kill each other.  We should know not to manipulate each other.  We should know not to ruin our enviornment.

TPTB stands for the powers that be.  One psychic intuitive I ran into had a great thought on that one, a really new paradigm.  It is one not based upon followers and leaders but instead upon a society of spiritually aware people not needing leaders.  The final catch phrase?

The powers that were.

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  1. You get health care but you don’t dare use it.

    I really don’t care about Tiger Woods if I am about to loose my house.

    What is the story about the Ukraine and the countdown to Copenhagen and climategate continues.  I really do want to fix the enviornment but creating a global Bernie Madoff power brokerage firm just ain’t gonna cut it.

    “All the power you would ever need from a thing running in your basement”.

    Richard Hoagland

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