Antiwar Left, Right, Screw the Center

Antiwar movements have existed in this country since its beginnings, and have included all wars.   There has never been, nor will there ever be, a consensus to kill other human beings.  Not all humans are built that way.  However, the reasons for being antiwar vary from morality to practicality.  Morality is the only consistent reason.  Practicality is used of course, when it’s practical.  

This country is now on a permanent war bearing.  The geopolitical actions that have taken place since WWII have developed into a full fledged imperialist nation seeking to stave off would be successors.    The US military has major military commands covering the entire globe, with the latest official command being Africom.  Full Spectrum Dominance is the official Pentagon mission now with the aim to control all land, water, and air spaces on the planet..

The country and the world became quite disgusted with the actions of the Bush administration, particularly with it’s extension of the imperial mission.  Many were fooled, especially those on the right who followed their leader primarily due to patriotism,  party loyalty, and fear.  The fear factor, old as the hills.   But disillusionment had clearly set in at the end of Bush’s tenure,  as indicated by his low twenties approval rating.  

Now we have a President that was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize of all things while he escalates the war in Afghanistan, and continues the Full Spectrum Dominance imperialism across the globe.  Most on the right, as with the left, have no fucking idea what Full Spectrum Dominance is or what it means.  But, they now have a target, President Obama, to vent at fully without worrying about party loyalty.  

The Democratic Party can now be counted out as instrumental to an antiwar movement.  No help there, the party and the loyalists will now support the war policies of Obama just as the party loyalists supported Bush.  We now have the “Obama Doctrine”, new and improved over the “Bush Doctrine”.  The antiwar left has been relegated to the fringe of the democratic party and is seen as a hinderance to the pragmatic, baby step approach the centrists seem to think will work.  While more children are killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  

So what is the antiwar left to do?  Enter the antiwar right.  We know the libertarians are antiwar.  Whatever their other views,  they are antiwar, we can use them.  The disillusioned right of the republican party could be of great help.   They may not have the same sense of morality concerning war and killing as the bleeding hearts on the left, but they  may actually have some common sense.…

The American Conservative, “The Return of the Antiwar Right”   There ya go, better late than never.  

“For eight long years under George W. Bush, conservatives endorsed a don’t ask, don’t tell foreign policy-they did not really ask why their country was at war and Republican leaders did not tell, or bother, Americans with any of the gory details. Missions were accomplished, we fought them over there so we didn’t have to fight them here and troops were supported by simply supporting the wars they fought, with little to no dissent. But why were we fighting? What was “victory?” How many had to die? What was the cost? Conservatives did not ask-Republican politicians did not tell.”

Ya, well fuck that in a way.  Why did you support that shit in first place?  Then again, I can relate, the democrats appear to be doing the same now.  And this:

“The notion of defending one’s country is something patriots of all political stripes can subscribe to. But that every military action our government commits to should automatically be considered righteous and unassailable is a bizarre position for conservatives, given their natural distrust of government in every other sphere.:

No shit Sherlock.  I could have told you that, what, eight years ago!  

But hey, if it takes a democrat to make these republicans realize that our foreign policies are FUCKED UP, then I can go with it.   Let’s get together brothers and sisters and talk, maybe we can find a solution.

Stopping U.S. imperialism, and thus the wars, can’t be done from a democratic party perspective.  Certainly not when Obama is the President, which is for over three more years.  Many can die in three years.  Much treasure will be wasted while it is sorely needed at home.  Antiwar is Antiwar whether advocated by the right or the left, whether it’s practical or ideological.   It’s time for a bipartisan effort against war, and a cessation of U.S. imperialism.  


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    • Underdog on December 13, 2009 at 04:06

  1. and will remain anti -imperialist

    Anti-Imperialists have long memories.

    Britain get the fuck out of Ireland

    Israel give Palestine a fucking chance

    Spain get the fuck out of the Basque Country

    Spain again…Give Catalonia a fucking chance

    Russia give Chechnya a fucking chance

    Turkey stop fucking with the PKK and give them a chance

    France, give the Basques and the Bretons a fucking chance

    Britain again…accept that Scotland will one day reject the Act of Union.

    USA the fuck out of Afghanistan and Iraq

    Israel out of Palestine

    Britain out of Ireland.

    • Underdog on December 13, 2009 at 04:53

    bipartisan antiwar movement among republicans, democrats, indies, and whoever else is antiwar, for whatever reason.  Is that possible?  

  2. Ron Paul’s going to sit this one out, and endorse former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who first drew national attention for his opposition to the drugwar.

    Less baggage than Paul, (no “Newsletters”,) and he’s pro-choice.

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