Why not burn Obama in effigy too, you cowards

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    Since a group of tea bagging protestors comprised of mostly white people have the cojones to burn Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressmen Tom Perriello in effigy, I thought it would be a good idea if someone in the media would go so far as to ask these people why they don’t just go all the way in their supposed “defense of freedom and liberty” and burn President Barack Obama in effigy as well. I mean, if they are really brave and all, why shouldn’t they?

     Oh, wait a minute . . . .

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    It seems that burning people in effigy suddenly became a good idea in Right Wing politics, but I would never make the assumption that it has anything to do with the fact that the tea bagger protestors are almost entirely white, or that the fact that America elected its first African American President has anything to do with it. No no no, what would make some one think something like that?

    Nor is there any coincidence whatsoever in the fact that the people who these mostly white Right Wing protestors chose are to burn in effigy are other white people. It is an act of threatened violence, all an opportunity to engage in some friendly patting each other on the back, smiling, and ignorance of the historically context of the situation, or the fact that, once upon a time not too long ago, people who were black were actually burned alive by crowds of angry white people. Nah, I must have just heard that somewhere else. Maybe it’s just me, who knows where these crazy ideas I get come from?

    Or maybe I’m not all that crazy.

    So, let’s not dick around about it. These angry white people are burning Democrats in effigy but NOT President Barack Obama because they know just how bad that would look. How very brave of them. Really courageous, that.

     But we all know who this is really inspired by, and whose policies all this outrage is really aimed at. So let’s call the tea bagggers bluff and dare them to burn Barack Obama in effigy, and if they don’t let’s call them cowards, because that is what they are.

     The fact is, the racists and lynch mobs of old and sadly not too long ago used to cover their shame with white sheets so they could be anonymous. Now they don’t even have that shame, they parade their hatred, ignorance and brazenly violent mob mentality in plain sight, aided and abetted by the Corporatist Media and the Political right in America who are GLAD to use any outrage as proof that Obama and his Democratic policies are unpopular. There is no more shame among these people, and that is something we should all be ashamed of as Americans.

     But I hope to the Gods that someone in the media calls these lynch mobs what they are, lynch mobs, playing pretend executioner and pretending that they are not the racism inspired angry white people who have tried to intimidate the public at large, just as other angry white mobs have done throught this nations sordid racially divided history.

    But more than just that, these people are flat out cowards, and should be called cowards, because anyone with a brain and an ounce of historical context can tell that the only reason they aren’t burning President Obama in effigy is because, if they did, they would need the white sheets to hide their real shame.

    And for that, they are a bunch of fucking cowards.

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  1. Right wing racist cowards, inspired by the regional southern party of white people.

    Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

  2. possible they were plants, provocatuers?  I hate to continue to feed the moderate progressives more chum so everyone focuses on everything except the real problems.  

  3. other than the establishment left pushing just as evil paradigms of social engineering as Rush Limbaugh.

    Speak up, bring everything open hash it out and resolve it.

    This is not however what we have.  Media controls reality thus you don’t know about how the 911 truth crowd hates Beck for marginalizing his official 911 cash cow.  Both sides lead to global corpo-fascism while globals fuck up entire continents for their own profits.

    Africa is now in their sites, maybe they leave us alone for abit.


    • Inky99 on November 15, 2009 at 07:27

    Maybe that will shut them up.

    Just a thought.  🙂

    I mean, really?   Burning effigies?    How middle-eastern of them!

    I thought they hated that shit.  

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